Young leaders in real estate share projections for 2022

  • For the year 2022, 23 young and commercial property candidates have given forecasts.
  • Despite sustained demand, you see a moderate appreciation in home prices.
  • They also predicted that the culture of work from home will drive design and development.

Real estate markets were a reliable source of catchy headlines in 2021, whether it was about rising home prices, changing consumer behavior or the mixed recovery in the commercial sectors. How these factors evolve depends on variables that are inside and outside the control of buyers, sellers, and the industry as a whole.

Insider selected a list of emerging talent in commercial and residential real estate, and 23 young professionals, investors and property developers said they see opportunity in record-low housing supply and will move construction plans forward – if they see the supply chain problems that have frustrated them. Real estate technology companies are also in a good position to capitalize on the changing needs of consumers and investors, they said.

And just as changes in real estate markets have created money-making opportunities, they have also exposed housing inequalities, and new guidelines will help those left behind, they said.

One thing that hovers over everyone’s agenda is a more uncertain economic backdrop. the

Federal Reserve

Last month it was confirmed that stimulus measures will be scaled back, including one that can help keep mortgage rates low and home ownership more affordable. And as the central bank is fighting inflation, it also risks damaging an economy facing headwinds from the pandemic.

Here are the predictions from the rising stars:

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