WWE Wrestling-Style Gender Reveal Video Goes Viral

While gender revelations wore off their online welcome a long time ago, this is one that is worth seeing.

The idea of ​​an expectant couple figuring out the gender of their baby used to be a joyful moment – either intimate between mother and father or among close friends and family members. But the internet has changed the game by taking gender reveal parties to new levels and often dangerous extremes.

The evolution of the gender reveal parties would surely result in a great podcast episode or Netflix documentary, but believe me when I say they left the pedestrian event where two people open an envelope for everyone to see can do stunts that literally led to explosions and sometimes even death of people.

A couple in New Jersey managed to restore my belief in gender disclosure for at least two minutes; This is also the duration of this WWE-style matchup, with one wrestler in blue for “Teamboy” and another wrestler in pink for “Teamgirl”. The two wrestlers went head to head in a back and forth exchange that kept the audience happy and on the edge of their seats.

So which gender came out victorious?

There was a thrill. There was excitement. There was controversy. But in the end, only one gender could hoist the World Cup baby belt.

Congratulations to this couple on their blessing – and everyone who wants gender disclosure just knows the bar has been set.

If you haven’t gotten enough wrestling gender reveal action, enjoy this one.

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