Witnesses to the deadly Iron County plane crash point to strange maneuvers before the crash

SALT LAKE CITY — The National Transportation Safety Board’s preliminary report on April’s deadly plane crash in Iron County indicates strange maneuvers before the crash.

According to the two witnesses, they noticed that the plane was making unusual maneuvers.

The first witness said the plane was about to overtake him on State Highway 14, but quickly turned around and was in a “rocking motion.” He added that the propeller looked underpowered and wasn’t working properly.

The second witness supported these events and saw the plane “turn south real hard, back over the highway,” as if trying to turn back in the ravine. He noted that the plane had speed problems when the wings looked upright and didn’t look fast enough for the turn.

Both witnesses testified that the plane was about 200 to 300 feet off the ground when it attempted the turn.

The NTSB report confirms the timeline of pilot Steven Eatchel and his three passengers, Lindsay Eatchel, Thomas Eatchel, and Danielle Deagostini, who departed Spanish Fork for a sightseeing tour to Cedar City, then Bryce Canyon, and other locations before boarding Spanish returned fork.

The plane crashed headfirst into a tree in the gorge, causing it to split apart, the report said.

The NTSB said this is a preliminary report and details could change as the investigation progresses.

NTSB Preliminary Report Crash of the Wreckage (Image credit: NTSB)

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