Valerie Cisneros becomes the new manager of Zions Bank in Price

Cisneros brings more than 25 years of banking and credit experience to the position

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Zion’s Bank has promoted Valerie Cisneros to manage her Price branch at 45 S. Carbon Ave. As the branch manager, Cisneros is responsible for overseeing day-to-day branch operations, new accounts, consumer and trade credits, financial transactions and customer service. She replaces the longstanding Price branch manager Erroll Holt, who retired in November after 45 years at Zions Bank.

Cisneros brings more than 25 years of banking and credit experience to the position. Born and raised in Carbon County, she began her banking career in Salt Lake City as a loan officer in the mortgage loan department of Zions Bank. After returning to Price, she opened her own mortgage office that eventually employed three loan officers and one loan officer. She ran the mortgage company full-time for six years and then part-time for another 10 years.

Cisneros returned to Zions Bank in 2018 as a personal banker in the Price branch. In 2020 she was promoted to assistant manager of the Castle Dale office and shortly thereafter to manager of that office.

“It’s wonderful to be back at the Price branch, working with and offering banking services to a lot of great people that I’ve come to know over the years, and meeting new people,” said Cisneros.

Cisneros is active in her community and is involved in directing local baseball programs for the Little League and the American Legion. She was also a member of the Carbon High School Association, softball and volleyball coach of the Leisure League, and volunteer youth group in her church. She is an active member of the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce and serves on the Board of Directors of the Fuller Foundation of Carbon / Emery Counties.

Cisneros and her husband Jeff are parents to two married children and have just celebrated the birth of their first grandchild.

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