Utah Estate Planning Atty. pleads guilty of misappropriating $ 9.5 million from customers

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Nov. 16, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) – Salt Lake City real estate attorney Calvin Curtis pleaded guilty to misappropriating at least $ 9.5 million from customers, a statement from the company said Utah Department of Justice.

Curtis, who worked at Law PLCC and Curtiselderlaw.com in Salt Lake City, has pleaded guilty to two federal wire fraud and money laundering charges.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys have agreed to recommend a 73-month sentence in federal prison, according to the Utah DOP statement. The sentencing is scheduled for March 15 next year.

“In the plea agreement, Curtis admitted that he is a lawyer who specializes in specific matters
Trusts and that he started a fraudulent scheme in January 2008 to defraud a customer named GM out of money, ”the statement said. Curtis admitted that because of his role, he had access to millions of dollars in two different escrow accounts belonging to victim GM and that he deposited at least $ 9,500,000 in his own accounts to look after GM and that money for his own has used personal use.

“Curtis admitted that he also prepared fake financial statements and presented them to GM’s court-ordered restorer to cover up the fraud.”

When Curtis pleaded guilty to the wire fraud charges, Curtis admitted on January 25, 2018 that
he caused a transfer from a Schwab investment account to his own Wells Fargo account, resulting in a transfer of $ 1,485,000. Curtis admitted that he had used the money for his personal gain to make mortgage payments on his combined home and office on South Temple Street in Salt Lake City, Utah; support a lavish lifestyle with frequent travel; to buy tickets to basketball and soccer matches; giving generous gifts to others; and to support the operation of his law firm. “

By pleading guilty of money laundering, Curtis “admitted he was fraudulent”
arranged for GM to send $ 135,000 online to his own Wells Fargo account and that he used those funds to transfer $ 95,000 to The Fechtel Company for the remodeling of his Tampa, Florida home. Curtis admitted that he knew these transactions were illegal at the time they were carried out and that the money was not being used for GM’s benefit. “

It is currently alleged that Curtis embezzled funds from at least 22 other trusts
is more than $ 9,500,000. Anyone believed to be a victim of this crime is encouraged to call the FBI at 801-579-1400 to file a report.

“Cheating on fraudulent and elderly adults is a reprehensible and greedy act
Earned federal prison time, “Acting US Attorney Andrea T. Martinez said in a prepared statement.

“The United States Attorney’s Office is committed to prosecuting and holding those who defraud elderly and vulnerable customers to justice. Our concern is with the victims of these crimes and their ability to meet basic needs. “

Salt Lake City FBI Special Agent Dennis Rice also issued a statement:

“Calvin Curtis’ greed had a devastating effect on the customers who trusted him
and money in his hands. Unfortunately, such financial fraud cases are not limited to a select few victims. We hope this case sends a strong message that the FBI will do everything possible to ensure that such crimes do not go unpunished. “

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