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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, June 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – WGU Labs, a subsidiary of the online nonprofit Western Governors University, today announced an accelerator partnership and investment in GoCoach, an education technology company focused on democratization focused on high quality coaching and e-learning to train the talents of today and tomorrow. GoCoach offers personalized professional career coaching and e-learning that reaches learners wherever they are in their unique careers.

In the midst of a changing labor market, predictions of an imminent “big resignation” emerge as many workers may explore one of the 9.3 million new jobs in the coming months. At the same time, personnel development programs and short-term certifications offer further programs for further qualification and retraining. These personnel trends, combined with an ever-increasing number of post-secondary educational opportunities, correlate directly with the increasing demand for high-quality coaching. In the ecosystem of human resource development and post-secondary education options, personalized learning with coaching is the missing ingredient to bridge the two.

“Our work is focused on unlocking and unlocking the potential of all learners on their way from improving skills to career success,” said Kristy McCann Flynn, Co-Founder and CEO of GoCoach. “We’re excited to be working with the WGU Labs Accelerator to explore how GoCoach prepares learners for success from skill development to behavior change.”

As part of the partnership, the accelerator will use its expertise in higher education, research and market development to measure the impact of GoCoach in various learning communities. “We are delighted to welcome GoCoach to the WGU Labs Accelerator,” said Ashley Pallarito, Director of the Accelerator at WGU Labs. “In an increasingly dynamic job market, there is a clear opportunity to combine the power of coaching with improving skills.”

GoCoach is the eleventh partnership for the WGU Labs accelerator since it was founded. To learn more about the WGU Labs Accelerator and its partners, visit https://wgulabs.org/accelerator/.

About WGU Labs

WGU Labs is a non-profit partner of the WGU. Accelerator at WGU Labs provides research, market development and product improvement services for companies in the early stages of education. Through these services and financial investments, the Accelerator is fueling the size and impact of education companies that share its mission to improve student access, reduce student costs, and improve student outcomes. Learn more about WGU Labs and the Accelerator at https://wgulabs.org/accelerator/. Follow the WGU Labs on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About GoCoach

GoCoach is committed to making it easy for all learners to grow in their careers, develop their potential and achieve more enjoyment at work. GoCoach makes career coaching and e-learning accessible by providing a tool that businesses and educators can use to improve and advance the careers of their talent and student communities. Follow GoCoach on LinkedIn.

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