Tracey Emin starts an art school in a disused morgue

Turner Prize-winning artist Tracey Emin founded an art school and museum in the port city of Margate on England’s south-east coast, where she grew up. The school, named TKE Studios (the name includes its own initials) will be a former bathhouse and morgue that Times of London reported. Both buildings are close to her studio, in a spacious former printing shop that she bought with a friend five years ago.

The school will have thirty newly built studios that students can rent for a comparatively small amount. Students are expected to show their work on a regular basis and, as of the Daily mail, must not smoke or listen to loud music. The morgue is intended to serve as a kind of “mini-museum” and house works by Emin, who announced in September that her studio would eventually become a repository for a pool of around thirty thousand photographs and twenty-two hundred works on paper that is open to all the public . Emin also announced plans to launch a residency program elsewhere in Margate that has been economically troubled for the past few decades, though a hint of a possible turnaround surfaced there with the founding of Turner Contemporary in 2011.

Emin, who rose to fame in the 1990s as one of the YBAs, or Young British Artists, is perhaps best known for her Turner Prize My bed, 1998, a work of art made from her own unmade kip, littered with dirty underwear, empty liquor bottles, and condom wrappers. After being diagnosed with cancer and then underwent life-saving surgery in which she carried a urostomy pouch, which is well documented in her art, Emin began preserving her legacy and strengthening her hometown. Benefits the area can enjoy thanks to the Tracey Emin Foundation include a sculpture park, lectures, and classes on drawing files, all of which are open to the general public.


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