Tom Felton sings he’s fine when he gives a health update after collapsing on the golf course

Tom Felton sings that he will be fine while giving a health update with his guitar: “On the mend”

Tom Felton / Instagram

Tom Felton is doing better after collapsing at a celebrity golf tournament Thursday.

the Harry Potter Alaun, 34, sang a musical update on his health to his 10.9 million Instagram followers on Saturday. “Feeling better every day,” he captioned the video that began with strumming an acoustic guitar.

“Hello everyone, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I just wanted to say thank you very much for all the congratulations lately,” he said. “Yeah, really a scary episode, but on the mend. People have taken really good care of me. So, thank you for everyone who has texted me to get well soon because I am on the mend , officially. “

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“And if you’re worried,” he continued and began to sing, “don’t worry girl, Tom will be fine / So don’t worry, Tom will be fine.”

He ended the video by kissing the camera and assuring fans that he was “on the way to recovery” before returning to watch the Ryder Cup, for which he still wore a bracelet and lanyard.

Felton was plunged from Whistling Straits Golf Course in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Thursday after collapsing on the 18th hole. He played with former NHL star Teemu Selänne, the captain of the 1980 US Hockey Olympics, Mike Eruzione, and the then retired speed skater Dan Jansen.

The nature of his medical emergency was unclear and a Felton representative did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

the Forgotten battle The actor previously celebrated his 34th birthday the day before his health crisis.

“Made it 33 years – my God, it was so much fun coming here,” Felton wrote. “But somehow I still have the feeling that the best is yet to come – thank you all for your love, support and your sense of humor – let’s do a good thing – until the next 33 xx”

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Felton previously told PEOPLE that he is still in touch with his Harry Potter costars, ahead of the first movie’s 20th anniversary in November, and revealed that he plays golf with James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley), who “hit” him “quite a lot”.

“It really is a very disjointed family where we all feel like we are part of something we can’t really talk about much,” he says. “But if we do that, Rupert is already talking about his newest car, that he wants or whatever it is, within a minute. It’s always fun to catch up.”

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