Time to finalize the general election and set the recount date

The Yakima County Auditors Office is busy confirming the results of Tuesday’s general election and setting a date for a recount in the Yakima County Commission race.

The certification process begins on Monday

Auditor Charles Ross says the Yakima County Electoral Committee will meet on Monday to review the results and total number of votes to ensure that every ballot has been counted. On Tuesday, the day of certification, on which the counting of the ballot papers is officially completed, the board meets again to certify all election results. They will sign forms and take other formal actions to make the end of the election official.

The recount date is set to Tuesday

The board of directors and auditor Charles Ross will then schedule a hand count of the race in District 3 of the Yakima County Commission. Ross says it is likely that the recount date will be tentatively set at December 6th and could take up to two weeks since it is a hand recount.

Commissioner LaDon Linde leads the race

Yakima County Commissioner LaDon Linde Autumn Torres leads with 87 votes following the final vote count in the general election.
127,362 were distributed to registered voters for the general election

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