This NH city has been named the safest city in the state

New Hampshire is a great place to live! We have everything. The sea, the mountains, the lakes, Story Land, the first library in America, I could go on like this! And taxes? Who needs them! It’s a great place to start a family. Of course, if you are considering moving somewhere, ideally you want to buy / rent a property in a safe city with a low crime rate. Did you know that New Hampshire has the second lowest rate of both violent crime and property crime of the 50 states according to New England as a whole has some of the lowest crime rates in the country!

Every year this website publishes the ten safest cities in each state. Here are New Hampshire’s top 10 for 2021:

1. Danville
2. Brookline
3. Atkinson
4. New Boston
5. Durham
6. Nottingham
7. Hopkinton
8. Sanddown
9. Hirschfeld
10. Lee

Some members of the Danville NH Community Facebook page were surprised to find their city ranked number one! Some asked what data was collected to draw these conclusions. EXCELLENT QUESTION! According to the article, they analyzed the statistics from the FBI crime report. They rated the number of violent crimes and property crimes committed in each city during the year. Of course, crime rates declined during the pandemic because no one left her home. I can imagine breaking into someone’s house when someone is always in it is difficult! Places with fewer than 2,500 inhabitants have been excluded from the list because they are considered rural.

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