These 10 US cities have been named the best for foodies

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It’s no big secret that Americans love their food – and why shouldn’t they? The United States is home to some of the finest restaurants, diners, and street vendors in the world, serving a dazzling array of international cuisine that few countries can match in terms of variety, affordability, and availability. With trying new and exotic cuisines being a major reason for many travelers to travel the world, most would be just as well served by traveling inland to get their foodie – and here they can do that.

Street Food Market USA

A comprehensive new study has been completed that took a number of different cities across the United States, ranked them on a variety of food-related metrics, and produced a list of the top 10 foodie cities in the country. Here’s how the study was completed and which cities in the United States earned the title of Best Cities for Foodies.

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Top Foodie Cities Study – Information for Travelers

The study of the best foodie cities in the United States was conducted by WalletHub, a personal finance website. In a quest to find the top foodie cities in the country, WalletHub compared 182 cities in the US, including the top 150 most populous cities, in addition to at least two of the most populous cities in each state. These cities were then analyzed not only on two key dimensions, ‘Affordability’ and ‘Diversity, Accessibility and Quality’, but on 29 metrics before being given an overall score of 100.

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The metrics were wide ranging to determine which city could really be crowned Mecca for gourmets. On the “affordability” In this dimension, such metrics included the cost of restaurant meals, the cost of groceries, and the price of beer and profit. On the “Diversity, Accessibility & Quality” On the other side of the coin, metrics included number of restaurants per capita, presence of Michelin-star restaurants, food trucks per capita, food and wine tours per capita, and several other food-related criteria.

Stumptown Cafe Portland Oregon

Portland, Oregon, took first place as the best US foodie city. The quirky, quaint town had an overall score of 69.96 — three clear points above its closest competitor — with the study proving that Portland claimed the highest number of craft breweries and wineries per capita and the third-best ratio of full-service restaurants to fast-food establishments – two more good reasons to take a trip to the city in the coming months.

Portland, Oregon

Second place went to Orlando, Florida with a total score of 66.63, while neighboring Miami took the bronze medal with a score of 66.15. Both Orlando and Miami ranked first for restaurants per capita and number of ice cream and frozen yogurt shops per capita—perfect for Florida’s hot summers. Orlando also ranked first for the number of cafes and gourmet specialty shops, showing that it clearly caters to all crowds.

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Fourth place went to San Francisco, California with 65.10, while Austin, Texas placed a respectable fifth with 63.19. San Francisco also ranked first in restaurants per capita, as one would expect from such a large foodie destination. Looking at the star performers from select metrics, Brownsville, Texas emerged as the cheapest place to buy both groceries and beer and wine, while Santa Rosa, California and Salt Lake City, Utah, the top craft breweries or perfect coffee shop metrics.

Cable Cars on California Street in San Francisco

The top 10 best foodie cities in the US are as follows:

  1. Portland, Oregon (69.96)
  2. Orlando, FL (66.3)
  3. Miami, Florida (66.15)
  4. San Francisco, California (65.10)
  5. Austin, Texas (63.19)
  6. Sacramento, California (62.89)
  7. Seattle, Washington (62.58)
  8. Tampa, FL (61.80)
  9. Las Vegas, NV (61.20)
  10. San Diego, California (60.78)

In contrast, the bottom five consisted of Pearl City, Hawaii, Montgomery, Alabama, Moreno Valley, California, Shreveport, Louisiana and Jackson, Mississippi — places to avoid if a good meal is high on your to-do list is on vacation.

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