The Utah District Attorney apologized for the vulgar email sent to the councilor

A state attorney for the Utah Attorney General said he responded with “undue anger” when he sent a vulgar email to a Salt Lake City council member who knocked on his door during the election campaign.

Utah Assistant Attorney General Steve Wuthrich sent the email to Councilor Darin Mano on Saturday. It says in part:

I have a prohibition sign on my door for good reason. On a fine Saturday afternoon, my wife, and my lodger all had a nice siesta, as some [expletive] ignorant [expletive] rang the doorbell and put down your piece of [expletive] unintentional request to our door that wakes the dogs and wakes us and the neighbors with a riot. “

It goes on:

I will do everything in my power to ensure that you are never elected to higher office as a dog catcher. I hate you, I hate your family, I hate your lawyers, I hate your contributors, I hate your sponsors. Please die and go to hell [expletive]. “

Mano says he was shocked when he saw the contents of the email and even more shocked when he looked up Wuthrich and saw that he was a prosecutor. He said in a Facebook post that he perceived the email as hate speech.

“I would hope that anyone in a position of power and paid by taxpayers understands that they are being held to a higher standard,” Mano told 2News. “It’s one thing to say ‘Please don’t contact me, I don’t want to talk to you’, it’s another thing to say, I hate you, I hate your family, I hope you die – I think … it crosses the border. “

In a statement on Tuesday evening, Wuthrich apologized for the email:

“Last Saturday, I was woken from a nap and reacted with inappropriate anger just because of the interruption of my rest. I have since regretted the cruelty and language of this email. My words were rude and unprofessional. Personally, I apologize to Salt Der Lake City Councilor, Darin Mano and His Family. I have never harmed Mr. Mano, his family, or anyone associated with him. No parent, spouse, or child should experience such emotional outbursts. I am deeply sorry.

This email was my sole responsibility and had nothing to do with my employer. The consequences for my behavior are up to me alone. I wish Mr. Mano all the best in his official role and campaign.

I’m taking steps to check my response and find ways to make sure it never happens again. “

Mano responded to Wuthrich’s apology Tuesday night, saying he hoped this whole ordeal will be a learning experience:

“I appreciate Mr. Wuthrich’s apology, especially the assurance that my family is safe. I leave the decision on disciplinary measures to Mr Wuthrich’s employer and the bar association. This is not my place. Each of us can and must improve in kindness and justice in order to build a safe and inclusive community for all. I hope this has been a learning experience for all of us that we need to slow down, think before reacting, and treat each other with kindness and respect. I am still Mr. Wuthrich’s representative and the invitation to hear his views on Salt Lake City and District 5 remains open. “

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