The SafeUT Mental Health App helps those in need connect with community resources

SALT LAKE CITY – A local smartphone app that offers students, parents and educators support with crisis intervention has published its results.

In its annual report, SafeUT found that over the past year, more and more people have sought psychological support, particularly those with anxiety and depression.

“We see people with increased stress, increased thoughts of suicide, and we’re grateful that people know we’re available and are asking for help and support,” said Rachel Lucynski of the Huntsman Mental Health Institute.

The SafeUT app helps those in need of assistance to be connected to resources in the community.

The report also found that as COVID-19 cases increased, so too did fear among app users.

“Many of the students who ask for help just don’t know who to turn to or how to have this conversation with a parent or trusted adult in their life. or if you are worried about a friend or loved one in your life, how you can even start this conversation yourself, ”said Lucynski.

Lucynski says that everyone’s grief looks different, and it’s okay to come forward if you need help dealing with these feelings.

Now that the University of Utah students and staff are familiar with the Death of football player Aaron Lowe, more will likely need advice.

“Really, that can be very annoying and very inducing for so many people who have lost loved ones or were close to Aaron who can take care of it and provide this support,” added Lucynski.

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