The City of Valley is developing rapidly as the population grows

VALLEY, Neb. (WOWT) – A decades-old project is nearing completion in the city of Valley.

A new 450-foot pedestrian bridge will connect the city and schools to the YMCA and the lake community. City officials believe the new bridge is just another attraction for a fast-growing city.

Valley still has a small-town feel, but the city is growing fast, according to Mayor Cindy Grove.

“From the 2010 census to the 2020 census, we were one of the fastest growing cities, growing 62%,” Grove said. Especially in the last few years, when you drive around, you can see that living space is being built, commercial space is being built, it’s just crazy how fast it’s growing.”

Tammy Henderson is a co-owner of Retail Therapy, a downtown Valley business. Tammy grew up in Valley and never thought she would see her hometown grow so quickly.

“When I was a kid I saw this population sign and it just didn’t seem to move, and now it’s doubled or tripled,” Henderson said. “It’s really amazing how fast it’s grown.”

The city’s pedestrian bridge took nearly two decades to complete and is now nearing completion. City officials believe the bridge will attract more people to the Valley. The mayor says many people are drawn to the area’s lakes.

“Just to be able to connect our YMCA to our school and we’re still relatively new to this school in the last few years. To be able to connect that and connect another lake community is just amazing.”

Kyle Hutchings moved his family from Omaha to one of the lake communities in Valley.

“It’s a great life and we’re seeing a lot more people coming out that way,” Hutchings said. “Here at Mallard all plots are full.

Mayor Grove says all of the growth is good for business, but the growth has been a challenge for the city.

“We’re trying to automate a little bit more so we can be a little more efficient, but it’s definitely difficult to keep up. Every day people call wanting commercial space. They want to build here, they want to develop something, that definitely keeps us on our toes.”

According to the 2010 census, Valley had a population of 1,875 people, and in 2020 the population has grown to over 3,000.

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