Study shows how Utah can improve its ranking as the “worst state for equality for women”

Salt Lake City – A new report from the Utah Women and Leadership Project examined the 17 indicators WalletHub used to rank Utah last on its list of “Best and Worst States for Women” for four consecutive years.

The report then shows exactly how Utah can improve its ranking.

“We do not want to be seen as the worst state for equality for women,” said Professor Dr. Susan Madsen of Utah State University, who co-authored the report. “I mean, that’s not something we really want. We want to change that. “

Madsen is also founding director of USU’s Women and Leadership Project. She presented the results of the new White Paper on Thursday to community and business representatives who had gathered at Zions Bank, which commissioned the report.

“Leaderboards are important in some areas, and that’s because people look at them and decide, ‘Well, maybe I don’t want to move to Utah or I don’t want to stay in Utah because of that,'” Madsen said in an interview with KSL -TV.

In the latest WalletHub ranking, Utah scored 29.85 out of a possible 100 points. One of the top recommendations for increasing this score is that Utah elect a woman to the US Senate.

“That would give us five points and that’s important,” says Madsen. “It’s not just about getting the points, but when you have women in political power, things change in the state. They change in the nation when more women are in political power. “

Madsen said the goal is not only to improve Utah’s ranking, but also to address critical differences in Utah.

“I just hope that all women, girls and women, know that there are many options for them and that we as the public respect these choices,” she said.

Here are the report’s top 10 recommendations for decision makers in Utah, and the possible associated scores in the WalletHub ranking:

1. Vote a woman for one of two seats in the US Senate. (+ 5.00)

2nd election of women for two out of four seats in the US House of Representatives (+ 5.00)

3. Reduce inequality in Utah women’s perceptions of affordability to visit a doctor by 50%. (+ 2.93)

4. Decrease the disparity in the math results by one point. (+ 2.67)

5. Elect another woman to a national executive office. (+ 2.00)

6. Add 780 women in leadership positions within the state. (+ 1.80)

7. Choose 7 more women in the Utah House and Senate. (+ 0.88)

8. Add 1,000 additional women-owned businesses in Utah. (+ 0.50)

9. Narrow the gender pay gap. (+ 0.10-12.63)

10. Increase the percentage of women in Utah who graduate from college. (+ 0.10-13.33)

In the report, The researchers write, “It is also important to recognize that WalletHub’s ranking and weighting system may not include other potential equality metrics that could shed more positive light on Utah women’s contributions in various areas, including the home and the community . “

The report goes on to say that while WalletHub puts Utah last on its list for women’s equality, “it doesn’t mean that Utah is the worst state for women in general.”

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