Seattle Business Attempts To Clear Homeless Camps Falls Back After Supporters Step In – KIRO 7 News Seattle

SEATTLE – A Seattle shop faces heat from homeless advocacy groups after they attempt to clear a warehouse on Lake City Way.

“Apparently Pierre’s people decided they didn’t want this anymore,” says Karen Whittle, a homeless attorney.

A lawyer for Bill Pierre says his business, along with other businesses and community residents, took matters into their own hands to clear the camp.

Your attorney sent this statement to KIRO 7, which reads in full; “The Pierre family has been serving members of the Lake City community for 74 years, and their love for their community is cross-generational and deep. Together with other parishioners, they asked the city and police authorities for help in resolving issues such as vandalism, theft, property damage and threats of violence from this camp and were told that something like a shooting was going to take place outside the city answers. After hearing this, several members of the business and residential community made the difficult decision to come together and help clean up an unauthorized camp filled with human excrement, rodents, criminal activity, and used needles that were unsafe for all . Pierre’s support was only fueled by the love they have for the community in which they live and work. “

It is unclear which other companies were involved in the attempted eviction.

Tensions rose so quickly on Friday that Seattle police arrested a homeless attorney after alleging she had trespassed.

Whittle says there were a number of ways the company could have dealt with this situation – instead of doing what it calls aggressive action.

“If they’re allowed to get away with it, other people will do it with other homeless camps,” Whittle says. “Do something constructive instead of destructive. Give us the chance to show you that we can be neighbors. “

Bill Pierre’s business eventually left the warehouse so the warehouse could be rebuilt.

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