Salt Lake City Reviewer’s Favorite Shows

1. LES MISERABLES at the Hale Center Theater,

A total spectacle with polished pictures and singing, scene by scene, surprised the audience with its artistry, the lush lighting, reminiscent of stained glass, and the immense size. This was possibly one of the most spectacular LES MISERABLES productions ever staged.

2. FROZEN at the Eccles Theater,

Some touring productions are superior to the others and FROZEN was as high quality as it gets. Everything about it, from design and production values ​​to performances, was just as good as its Broadway counterpart, and the show as a whole was actually better.

3. THE MOUSETRAP at the Hale Center Theater,

A thoroughly compelling mystery that was well produced and staged, the acting in the production was impeccable. It was difficult to highlight particular outstanding achievements, as each actor managed to masterfully bring his character to life.

4. MEAN GIRLS at the Eccles Theater,

Crammed to the brim with loud laughing jokes, deafening songs and introverted moments, and top-notch performances and production values, it was another Broadway-caliber touring production that Broadway at the Eccles had donated to the Utah theater community.

5. OFFENDERS: THE MUSICAL at the Hale Center Theater Orem,

Hale Center Theater Orems Hale Academy presented the regional premiere with an extremely impressive young cast. It was an overwhelmingly successful youth production with staging, costumes, lighting and performances that brought the story and characters to life.


HAMILTON at the Eccles Theater, (the phenomenal touring group returned triumphant with passion)

CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG at the Hale Center Theater, (how deliciously rousing toot sweets, it was a musical bite)

Photo credit: LES MISERABLES at the Hale Center Theater.

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