Recognition ceremony for first aiders in the fair postponed.

A recognition ceremony planned to honor Amesbury, Massachusetts, police officers and firefighters who responded to a drowning incident at Lake Gardner earlier this month has been postponed.

“As you can imagine, less than two weeks ago, the tragic incident at Lake Gardner was difficult for many to deal with, including our first responders. June 6th deserves recognition for their efforts to save the young man. However, we will give our teams more time to process this event and the family time to mourn their loss, “Caitlin Thayer wrote in an email on Thursday morning.

Thayer is the Amesbury City Communications Director. The recognition ceremony was scheduled for 3 p.m. at the Amesbury Fire Station on School Street.

Thayer said officials will follow up when the time is right for the awards ceremony.

At 3:51 p.m. on June 6, Amesbury Police and Fire Brigade received an emergency call telling them that a person was in the water and drowned.

Both teams reacted and at 4:16 p.m. the body of a 16-year-old was located and brought ashore, where no pulse was taken.

The teenager was not a resident of Massachusetts and was visiting an uncle in Lynn. The boy was transported to Anna Jacques Hospital in Newburyport, where a pulse was recorded.

He was rushed to a Boston hospital for further treatment by medical helicopter, but on June 7, Amesbury police received word from the state doctor that the teenager had succumbed to his injuries.

Amesbury Police Off. Ronald Guilmette, along with firefighters Justin Petrillo, Sean Kane and TJ Poussard, were the first responders who desperately ran into the water in search of the 16-year-old boy.

City officials also plan to hand over quotes to two young women who were at the beach that day and gave their swimming goggles to the police and fire departments to help them find the boy in the water.

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