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Representatives from Pro Wake, the local Chamber of Commerce and other local businesses attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Pro Wake Surf Shop on Friday 25th March. Front row from left: Renea Salyer, Executive Secretary, Syracuse-Wawasee Chamber of Commerce; Kristen Davis, Pro Wake contributor; Mark and Patty Richards, owners; Gina Ebey and Mackenzie Richards, employees; Olga Glossett, RE/MAX Partner; and Rachell Hatfield, The Barn 3863. Center row: Brittni Kuhn, Lake City Bank; Steve Fields, Chamber of Commerce Ambassador; Joshua Davis, operations manager of Pro Wake; Katie Penrod and Katie Workman, employees; and Rita Roberts, RE/MAX. Back row: Mason Slabaugh, Tippy Lake Country Club, Ambassador to the Chamber of Commerce; Nick VanOsdol, clerk; Kim Strawbridge, Lake City Bank; Chris Scheeren, Blue Barn Berry Farm; and Dennis Pressler, President, Chamber Board. Photo by Ray Balogh.

By RayBalogh

SYRACUSE — A sizeable group of optimistic attendees assisted in an indoor ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday afternoon, March 25, at the opening ceremony of the Pro Wake Surf Shop at 1309 S. Harkless Drive, Syracuse. The ceremony took place just before the doors first opened to the public at 4pm

The surf shop is the second location for Pro Wake Watersports, the first being opened in North Webster in 2012 by Mark Richards, then General Manager and now co-owner of the company, with his wife Patty.

The surf shop sells a wide variety of boat-to-bar apparel, surf gear and other surf-related items in its 2,200-square-foot, three-story modern warehouse.

“This place is for community,” Richards said. “Now they don’t have to go to Indy, Fort Wayne or Chicago to buy big name brands. There is nothing here that takes away from a business in this community. None of the brands we carry have been previously marketed in this space.”

The idea for the store came to Patty on a trip to Florida. “She told me, ‘You need to do something with the Syracuse location that I had rented from Rinker (Watersports) for three years. “We need a mini Ron Jon surf shop.” And when my wife asks me for something, I usually make it big.”

The 13,000-square-foot former fitness center also houses Pro Wake Design and Graphics. Its four new printers can produce custom boat, truck and car wraps; signs and banners; decals; and other items. “You name it, we can print it,” Richards said.

Also on site: a photography and videography studio, a marketing department and an educational exhibition sponsored by the Watershed Foundation.

The surf shop is currently open Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturday from 9am to 3pm.

A more complete version of this article will appear in The Mail journal on Wednesday 30th March.

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