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Crucial funding from senators will create jobs, help underserved communities, feed the hungry, bridge the digital divide and increase public safety

Schumer, Gillibrand: These projects meet the needs of Rochester and Finger Lake and pave the way for a brighter future

US Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer and US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand announced today that key projects in the communities of Rochester and Finger Lakes will receive over $9 million from the recently announced bipartisan fiscal 2022 aggregate spending package will. The senators highlighted the following projects in the Rochester area:

  • $225,000 for the City of Rochester to strengthen its mental health crisis and intervention services.
  • $200,000 for the Urban League of Rochester to support an entrepreneurship and business development program to support minority business start-ups, uprooted workers, economically disadvantaged individuals and underserved communities.
  • $750,000 for food bank Foodlink to increase capacity to securely store and distribute more fresh vegetables, fruit, dairy and lean protein to hunger relief partners.
  • $900,000 for the GLOW YMCA in Batavia to build a Healthy Living Campus.
  • $3,877,500 to build a wireless broadband network in Orleans and Niagara Counties.
  • $105,000 to the Hornell Area YMCA to upgrade equipment at the new Dansville YMCA branch.
  • $379,432 for the Cornell Cooperative Extension Association of Orleans County to build a rural community response learning center.
  • $1,966,000 for the City of Seneca Falls – Improvement of pumping station and sewage infrastructure.
  • US$640,000 for the village of Dundee, Yates County, to replace its aging municipal water tank and make tax system upgrades.
  • $180,000 for Newark-Wayne Community Hospital to add new health care and defibrillator equipment.

“From public safety and improved healthcare to upgrading water systems and helping our communities seek new economic opportunities, these projects get to the heart of the challenges facing Rochester and the Finger Lakes today.” said Senator Schumer. “This funding means jobs, new businesses, food for the hungry, bridging the digital divide and better services for the public. I am proud to provide this investment of over $9 million to the people of Rochester and the Finger Lakes and to help fund the future of our communities.”

“This funding will lay the foundation for the future of Rochester and the Finger Lakes region,” said Senator Gillibrand. “I’m proud to have worked to secure nearly $10 million in funding to address some of the region’s most pressing issues – from supporting mental health initiatives to making sure no one in New York goes hungry suffers – and I will continue to fight to bring federal dollars back home.”

Both senators have done great things for these ongoing community-led projects in Rochester and the Finger Lakes.

The $225,000 grant to the City of Rochester will enable the city to strengthen its crisis intervention services infrastructure to better provide mental health interventions and community-based approaches to treating behavioral disorders and related incidents. These approaches will now help improve liaison with community crisis services and strengthen post-crisis support to prevent future incidents.

The $750,000 senators secured for Rochester’s Foodlink will fund its fresh food expansion project and significantly expand its fresh food cooler. The senators said this significant increase in their refrigerator capacity will provide more fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy and lean protein than ever before. This not only means more fresh produce for them, but also for their network of more than 200 emergency catering providers.

The $200,000 for the Urban League of Rochester will help establish the Entrepreneurship Assistance Center’s Community Business Academy. This program provides business development services for communities of color, women, uprooted workers, the economically disadvantaged, veterans, and individuals with disabilities who wish to start their own businesses or are in the early stages of starting one. These services include information seminars, workshops, mentoring, financial education and personal technical support. Schumer and Gillibrand said the program will empower Rochester residents to build their community and inspire new growth in the city.

The $3,877,500 for Orleans and Niagara County will provide fast, reliable and affordable Internet access to 22 cities, 9 towns, 15 school districts and 1 hospital. The coverage area would serve approximately over 4,000 homes and businesses and significantly improve Internet access in the region. The senators said the pandemic has highlighted the importance of reliable internet access for work, school, healthcare and more, and that this funding will finally allow this underserved region to get the full reliable internet coverage it needs and deserves .

For the GLOW YMCA in Batavia, Schumer and Gillibrand explained that the $900,000 would be used to build a Healthy Living Campus in partnership with the Rochester Regional and United Memorial Medical Center (UMMC). This long-awaited expansion of facilities will ensure that GLOW YMCA and UMMC can maintain existing jobs and also create new jobs by making room for new programs and services that require additional staff. The senators said the proposed campus will be right in downtown Batavia and will provide essential services and facilities that would spur economic growth and foot traffic in the community.

The $379,432 Cornell Cooperative Extension Association of Orleans County will build a year-round center to provide a gathering space for essential medical services like testing, mammography clinics, rabies clinics, as well as other community services like job fairs and educational initiatives that may not be as easily accessible and currently do not have have ample space for Orleans and many surrounding communities to congregate.

Senators’ $105,000 funding for the Hornell Area Family YMCA will be used at the new Dansville location, operated from the former Dansville High School, to purchase essential equipment for the branch to fully expand its operations can record. There is currently no YMCA in Livingston County and this space will be essential to meeting the ongoing health needs of the community.

The $1,966,000 for the City of Seneca Falls will upgrade the city’s pumping station and boost the main sewage collection system to improve the city’s sewage handling infrastructure.

The $640,000 for the village of Dundee, Yates County will be used to replace its outdated 34-year-old water tank with a new bolted steel-glass lined municipal water tank and control system upgrades.

Finally, the senators said the $180,000 for Newark-Wayne Community Hospital will allow the hospital to add new health care and defibrillator equipment.


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