Pinedale Summary | Legal update and a statement

There were several district meetings for Region 10 on the redistribution of legislative districts across the state and a meeting of the Joint Enterprise Committee on December 1st and 2nd. The committee decided on a statewide plan we would work from, and Region 10 (Teton, Lincoln, and Uinta) sent the state a plan regarding Region 10 that we thought would work. The big change for Sublette County is that it will be merged into a single district under House District 20, currently Albert Sommers, meaning Daniel, Hoback Ranches, and Bondurant would be in House District 20 instead of HD 22.

Another community redistribution meeting will take place on December 14th, where we will look at population growth in Cheyenne and population decline in Counties Carbon and Sweetwater. However, I feel that the redistribution issue pales in comparison to the Bondurant redistribution issues that were recently voted on.

Despite overwhelming opposition from across Sublette County not to change the zoning for Jackson Creek Ranch on Upper Hoback, three Sublette officers voted to approve it. That approval flew amid the idea that community-based government is best, or that local scrutiny is fundamental even in conservative government.

The reason for contesting this decision is:

  1. It is not friendly to agriculture.
  2. It did not follow the 10 considerations made in the building application.
  3. It contradicted the majority recommendation of the Zoning Board (P&Z).
  4. Two decisions by the Commissioners were not transparent in that they refused to give reasons for their vote.

As a contractor with 35 years of experience in the Sublette and Teton counties, I’ve seen preference given to local contractors, and yet, in the end, large contractors from places like Salt Lake City and Denver ultimately won those jobs at the expense of the local workforce. As a resident of Teton and Sublette Counties, I have appreciated the community spirit of conservation in Sublette County and watched the community in Teton County deteriorate due to overdevelopment.

Based on land use and agriculture, five new maintenance easements were established in Sublette County. The Stockgrowers’ Land Trust added three new easements and the Jackson Hold Land Trust, which now includes the Green River Land Trust, added two more easements specifically in Bondurant to preserve land for wildlife and agriculture.

Ironically, these actions took place at the same time as the rezoning. The first three easements were conducted with support from the Wyoming Wildlife Trust Fund.

As I mentioned earlier, I will soon have at least two more society meetings on redistribution prior to the meeting. There is also a Joint Revenue Meeting on December 15th and 16th in Cheyenne.

Happy Holidays!

Jim Roscoe, Rep HD 22

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