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San Clemente, USA, January 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

With the company’s improved offerings, restaurant owners can now get affordable but comprehensive commercial auto insurance for their business. These plans provide protection against theft and collision damage, as well as liabilities such as medical expenses.

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The newly revised plans were launched in the face of the current pandemic that has dramatically impacted restaurants’ profitability. The wider range of options allows restaurant operators to find a more cost effective policy and free up much-needed cash flow.

According to the insurance agency, the price of commercial car insurance is not regulated. This means that costs can vary significantly depending on the insurer – and customers often pay more than they have to.

Cal Commercial Insurance only works with the most trusted insurance carriers, negotiates the best possible rates and passes the savings on to customers. As such, restaurateurs pay thousands of dollars less in insurance premiums each year that they can then reinvest in their business.

In addition to liability in the event of accidents, commercial vehicle insurance can also cover damage caused by theft or destruction of vehicles. Should any of these scenarios occur, the insurance company will provide a lump sum payment that policyholders can use to replace the lost car.

In the interests of transparency, the insurance expert offers interested parties the opportunity to request a non-binding offer. All you have to do is provide preliminary information about your restaurant and your options will be generated.

About Cal

Cal Commercial Insurance was founded to give entrepreneurs peace of mind so they can focus more on growing their business. It also caters to restaurant-specific drivers such as food spoilage and dishonest employees. In addition to its local town of San Clemente, the broker also serves clients in the nearby communities of San Juan Capistrano, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Laguna, Dana Point, and the rest of Orange County, CA.

A spokesperson said, “With an independent broker, you really have a choice. We are not tied to a single provider, so we care about your needs – not those of the insurance company. “

Interested restaurant owners can visit or call 818-924-2054 for more information about the company and its other policies.


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