Omaha organizations are working together to clean up around Carter Lake on Earth Day

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The official theme of this year’s Earth Day is Investing in Our Planet. Here in Omaha, organizers show their support by simply cleaning up the city. Some hope this simple task will draw attention to other environmental issues facing the city and our planet.

Many residents believe that Omaha can do better. Remote corners of the city are turning into dumping grounds for trash, tires, and anything else you can think of. But people are fighting back and trying to keep the city clean

Keep Omaha Beautiful works with Fusion Medical Staffing volunteers to clean up trash at Levi Carter Park. Around 150 employees start Earth Day by picking up rubbish.

“So many of us are from Omaha, obviously we want to make sure this place stays beautiful,” said Fusion Medical Staffing volunteer Ryan Figgins. “With Earth Day, I’ve found a better way to come out and give back to the community.”

“Just keep it clean so everyone has fun and it stays nice for everyone and the kids,” volunteer Sarah Estey said. “I think it’s important for the community, not just for the visitors but also for the animals that are on the lake.”

Volunteers work in teams to clean up the park and along the shoreline.

“This is my first tie to do this and I’m alarmed at how much junk we’ve already found and we’ve only been out here about 15 minutes,” said volunteer Jillian Canick.

The organizers hope for these cleansing actions. Inspire others to pay attention to what is going on around them.

“I think events like this often act as a catalyst and encourage people to take care of their own communities in their own neighborhoods,” said Keep Omaha Beautiful’s Hannah Rennard-Ganley.

The organizers believe it works. People are finding ways to reuse things like old tires and make them useful instead of dumping them on a city street.

Keep Omaha Beautiful officials say that everyone working together can make the city cleaner, and it all starts with getting rid of one garbage bag at a time.

Over the next few days, Keep Omaha Beautiful will have more than 500 volunteers in 30 different groups helping across the city.

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