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Stutsman County Commission Official Meetings – January 18, 2022 At 3:30 p.m., Chairman Klose called the regular Stutsman County Commission meeting to order. Dennis Ova (via phone), Ramone Gumke (via phone), Joan Morris, Steven Cichos and Mark Klose took the appeal. Jim Fettig, maintenance manager, requested permission to replace the carpeting in the extension building. He wants to buy as much carpet as possible for the hallways, offices and reception area to stay within the $20,000 budget. Cichos applied for a permit for the carpet project, supported by Morris. Ova, Gumke, Morris, Cichos and Klose voted yes. movement carried. Jessica Alonge, Chartered Accountant/COO, presented the nomination of custodians. The law requires depositaries to be licensed every even year. The banks that responded that they are interested in being named as depositors are: Bank Forward, Dacotah Bank, Dakota Heritage Bank, First Community Credit Union, Gate City Bank, Unison Bank, US Bank and Wells Fargo. Morris filed an application for permission, supported by Gumke. Morris, Cichos, Klose and Ova voted yes. movement carried. At 3:35 p.m., the commission retired for the County Park Board meeting. Official Proceedings of the Stutsman County Park Board – January 18, 2022 At 3:36 p.m., Chairman Klose called the regular meeting of the Stutsman County Park Board to order. Present were Dennis Ova (via phone), Ramone Gumke (via phone), Joan Morris, Steven Cichos, Mark Klose and Robert Martin (via phone). Merri Morridian was absent. Karl Bergh, Park Superintendent, spoke about mowing in Ypsilanti Park. The Dale Marks family have mowed the park and would be interested in continuing in 2022. They charge $600 for the season. Morris filed a petition to allow the Marks family to mow the park in 2022 for $600, backed by Cichos. Morris, Cichos, Klose, Martin, Ova and Gumke voted yes. movement carried. Bergh discussed park updates and reports. The last private dock was moved on December 19. Camping for 2022 opens six months in advance, and they already have 113 reservations through mid-July. He has kept the trail open at the reservoir, but with heavy snowfall and equipment issues, that takes a lot of time. The road department helped. Ideally, he would like a snow blower that attaches to the skid steer loader that the department already owns. They cost around $7,600. He will add it to next year’s budget and continue to look for off-season options. Game and Fish reimburses the county for pumping the fish cleaning station and pays parts and wheels for the docks. He is also considering a grant that will supply life jackets for public use. Interstate Engineering is still working on the bridge project to the island. They recommend making a box passage. You still need to purchase play equipment to complete the Garrison Diversion Grant. You could replace the equipment near the Farmer’s Union camp, at the campsite, or choose a new location. Bergh also submitted a grant to DOT to pave the road at the campground. Border states estimated $100,000 for a 16-foot wide street. Interstate Engineering looked at this and recommended a 20-foot road that would cost $140,000. Cichos filed an application for approval of the mid-month bills, supported by Gumke. Cichos, Klose, Martin, Ova, Gumke and Martin voted yes. movement carried. County Park Fund, DAKOTA VALLEY ELECTRIC $8.00; DOI-BOR REGION: MISSOURI BASIN $595,000.00; INTERSTATE ENGINEERING $4,073.90; JOB SERVICE NORTH DAKOTA $62.10; JOB SERVICE NORTH DAKOTA $351.90; LINDE GAS & EQUIPMENT $65.25; City of Montpelier Comptrollers – DD $400.00; NAPA AUTO PARTS PARK $45.98; ND STATE COMMISSIONER OF TAX $462.48; ELECTRICAL COOPERATIVE OF THE NORTHERN PLAINS $289.10; VILLAGE FAMILY SERVICE CENTER $90.00 At 4:25 p.m., Morris tabled a motion to adjourn the park board meeting, supported by Cichos. movement carried. At 4:25 p.m., the commission meeting was called to order. Cichos filed an application for mid-month taxable meals and bills approval, backed by Morris. Klose, Ova, Gumke, Morris and Cichos voted yes. movement carried. General Revenue Fund, A&B BUSINESS INC $313.47; ANTHONY, JANET L$100.18; BARNES COUNTY ACCOUNTANT $40,905.16; BEHAVIORAL INTERVENTIONS $216.00; CENTRAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC. $444.58; CENTURYLINK $1,135.77; Cole Papers Inc. $203.44; CORELOGIC CENTRALIZED REFUNDS $8,546.38; CREATIVE ENERGY $270.50; DACOTAH PAPER CO $756.24; DAKOTA CENTRAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS $641.67; DALSTED & RYAN PC $228.00; DEFENSE EDGE TRAINING & CONSULTING INC. $450.00; ECMAN’S AUTO SERVICE $130.00; ECOLAB PEST REMOVAL DIV $143.69; EXTREME CLEANING, INCLUDED $490.00; PRODUCTS FOR THE FIREPLACE OFFICE $128.57; FORUM COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY $822.36; GACKLE AMBULANCE $1,365.00; GATE CITY BANK $4,493.34; HOME POINT FINANCIAL COMPANY $124.38; INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT $1,009.50; INNOVATIVE OFFICE SOLUTIONS, LLC $109.93; INSURANCE FORWARD $3,084.17; JAMESTOWN AMBULANCE $16,320.00; JAMESTOWN COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS $400.00; JAMESTOWN FIREFIGHTER $3,000.00; JOB SERVICE NORTH DAKOTA – $57.81; JOHNSON MD, LARRY E$9,775.00; VOICE LINE SERVICES $87.74; MARQUART, ANDREW S $882.00; MATTHEW BENDER & CO. INC. $343.46; MCKESSON MEDICAL SURGERY $58.00; MDU $545.06; MEDINA RESCUE UNIT $3,366.00; MID-COUNTRIES ORGANIZED CRIME INFORMATION CENTER $150.00; Moser, Jessica $66.86; MUSKE, DOUG $45.00; ND ASSOCIATION OF COUNTIES $128.00; ND COUNTY AUDITOR’S ASSOCIATION $250.00; ND COUNTY RECORDERS ASSOCIATION $200.00; ND COUNTY CASH REGISTER ASSOCIATION $250.00; ND EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION $100.00; ND STATE RADIO COMMUNICATIONS $1,920.00; ND STATE TAX COMMISSIONER $564.30; NDHFA $841.92; NDSU EXTENSION SERVICE $6,744.76; OTTER TAIL POWER CO$8,581.67; PHARMCHEM INC. $2,531.90; PRESORT PLUS $6,281.00; PRESS ROOM, THE $260.00; PRIME ASSOCIATES LLP $85.39; QUADIENT FINANCE USA – SS $1,000.00; QUADIENT FINANCE USA, INC. – A$1,039.00; RECORD HOLDER $16.00; RM STOUDT INC $76.80; SC CORRECTIONS $1,527.25; SCHAFFER, DIANNE $60.00; SCHUTE, RICHARD $6.72; SCOTT’S ELECTRIC LLC $572.45; STEWART, KAREN $94.51; STUTSMAN COUNTY FAIR – DD$43,330.00; SUMMIT FIRE PROTECTION $325.00; SUMMIT FOOD SERVICE, LLC $7,586.20; TDS METROCOM $232.13; TDS METROCOM – SS $99.68; THOMSON REUTERS $414.65; TIME CLOCK PLUS $761.28; VILLAGE FAMILY SERVICE CENTER $2,475.00; WINE OIL CO $97.86; WANZEK, SHAWN $215.58; WENTZ, STEVEN $8.38; WILSON, JEREMY $20.00; E 911 Phone System Fund, DAKOTA CENTRAL TELECOMM $219.12; DAKOTA CENTRAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS $277.00; INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT $33,435.49; NATIONAL EMERGENCY NUMBER ASSOCIATION $142.00; TDS METROCOM $5.09; TRITECH SOFTWARE SYSTEMS $7,276.50; County Roads Fund, ARAMARK $890.54; BUFFALO CITY DIESEL $93.66; BUTLER MACHINES CO. $7,870.35; CITY STREEETER $61.75; CLEVELAND CITY WATER & SEWER $100.70; CREATIVE ENERGY $3,111.14; DAKOTA CENTRAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS $172.89; FARMERS UNION OIL CO-CENEX $2,626.03; FARMERS UNION OIL COMPANY – PETTIBONE $48.00; HIGH PLAINS WATER $36.00; HOUSE OF ECONOMY $42.99; INFINITY BUILDING SERVICES $69.99; JOB SERVICE NORTH DAKOTA $375.00; JOB SERVICE NORTH DAKOTA $720.00; JOB SERVICE NORTH DAKOTA $1,092.00; JOB SERVICE NORTH DAKOTA $888.00; JOB SERVICE NORTH DAKOTA $448.00; JOB SERVICE NORTH DAKOTA $688.00; JOB SERVICE NORTH DAKOTA $381.00; JOB SERVICE NORTH DAKOTA $790.00; JOHN DEERE FINANCES $552.04; KRAMLICH MICHAEL $564.48; KRAMLICH, MYRON $243.60; LINDE GAS & EQUIPMENT $163.38; MDU $1,918.35; MEDINA CITY ACCOUNTANT – DD $88.75; MENARDS-JAMESTOWN $682.92; NAPA AUTO PARTS $478.22; NDACE$150.00; NDLTAP-UGPTI/NDSU $125.00; ELECTRICAL CO-OPERATIVE OF THE NORTHERN PLAINS $349.00; NORTHWEST STRIP INC. $89.73; OTTER-TAIL POWER CO $1,202.26; COMPLETE SUPPLY, INCL. $273.55; QUILL CORPORATION$360.29; SANFORD HEALTH OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE $98.00; SPIRITWOOD TOWNSHIP #51 – DD $870.00; STREETER COOP OIL $2,877.44; TDS METROCOM – RD$2.98; TOWE, JEREMY W$263.76; VILLAGE FAMILY SERVICE CENTER $720.00; WINE OIL CO $503.90; WEST END HIDE & FUR $349.60; Weed Control Fund, VILLAGE FAMILY SERVICE CENTER $90.00; Veterans Service Fund, CENTURYLINK $15.99; TDS METROCOM $1.61; TYLER TECHNOLOGIES INC. $449.00; VILLAGE FAMILY SERVICE CENTER $45.00; County Agent Fund, DAKOTA CENTRAL TELECOMM $273.00; NDSU EXTENSION SERVICE $7,469.21; NORTH DAKOTA RECYCLING CENTER, LLC $12.50; VILLAGE FAMILY SERVICE CENTER $60.00; Human Service Zone Human Service Fund, total $6,305.17; Commissary Fund, PHOENIX SUPPLY $360.00; TURNKEY FIXES $226.86; Total drug program fund, $458.47; Information Technology Equity Fund, NETCENTER TECHNOLOGIES $352.00; Pension Fund, EHLERS & ASSOCIATES INC $2,800.00; Job Incentive Fund, JAMESTOWN STUTSMAN DEVELOPMENT CORP $100,000.00; Township Collections Fund, STUTSMAN COUNTY AUDITOR $10,000.00; FEMA, DEER LAKE TOWNSHIP #13 – DD $35,337.28 At 4:27 p.m., Morris moved a motion to adjourn the meeting, supported by Ova. movement carried. CERTIFICATE: Jessica Alonge Auditor/COO Mark T. Klose Chairman of the Commission (February 12, 2022) 31842

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