Meet the candidate: Sid Daoud, Libertarian for HD-8

Sid Daoud

Party: libertarian

Age: 55

Family: Wife KristenMarie Daoud, Son Antranik Daoud, Son Kaden Daoud, Daughter Cyan Daoud

Profession: Senior Consultant for Summit7 systems

Social Commitment: Kalispell City Council; Impact Fee Advisory Council; Cancer Support Community Volunteer; Toastmasters Board Member; Montana Dragan Boat Races volunteer; Pink me Up volunteer; RAD Ride Committee; Glacier HS speech and debate judge.

What are the key issues you would like to see addressed in the next legislature?

My experiences as an Army Veteran, City Councilman, personal struggles helping with my mother’s mental health issues and several Army friends who commit suicide, Veterans Affairs, government control on the ground, and mental health and well being are major concerns to me. However, I will start with three community topics in Helena.

  1. fight against the housing shortage. Get the government out of the way and introduce community-based solutions like renting a guest room, introducing classic guesthouses, and encouraging local government to relax restrictive zoning to allow for more multi-family development. The only long-term solution is to give the free market time to recover.
  2. property tax reform. I will work immediately to address skyrocketing property taxes, limit the number of years you have to pay the government for property you already own, while also diversifying our tax structure to accommodate our more than 12 million annual visitors. Visitors use our infrastructure and local businesses and should be part of our tax solution.
  3. educational reform. I will introduce a bill to create educational savings accounts for every child that will receive all federal education funds. Parents have control over these funds and can use them for public, private or home education. You can also choose an à la carte mix of some or all of these options. It’s time we engaged and empowered parents to maximize their children’s education. States that have done so have seen increases in teacher salaries, reductions in school administration, and increases in the quality and effectiveness of public education as they compete for good teachers and their funding.

Why are you the best choice to represent your district?

The election of the first Libertarian to the state Legislature will be big news and give the people of HD 8 a unique opportunity to be in the Montana political spotlight and ensure our issues are highlighted.

I will be a bridge between both warring factions and allow this legislature to find solutions for Montana instead of focusing on endless fighting. I have a published plan on how to get started in Helena. I have shown continued investment and commitment to our amazing community.

As the current councilor in Kalispell, I am the only candidate with a CV showing a successful history in government politics. I have a principled and impeccable voting record focused on upholding your individual freedom, all while looking you, the public, square in the eyes.

My opponent has none of these qualifications. Actually it was strange since I haven’t met my opponent yet. He has been absent from every candidate forum, debate and event in this general election cycle. I knocked on your door personally, did you see him at your place?

Vote for the candidate who has appeared AND made a difference in the past. Choose Sid Daoud.

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