Massive Point of the Mountain project is set to replace the Utah State Prison

DRAPER, Utah – The entity responsible for developing the land at Point of the Mountain is advancing plans for a massive mixed-use concept of living, business, entertainment and open space.

PHOTOS: Point of the Mountain Mixed Use Project Concept Art

“The Point,” as it is known, will take and develop the 608 acre state-owned land that is now the Utah State Prison. On Tuesday, the Point of the Mountain State Land Authority unanimously voted for a master plan for the site.

“It’s big geographically. It’s big in terms of its impact on the state,” said Rep. Lowry Snow, R-Santa Clara, the chairman of the Point of the Mountain State Land Authority.

The prison will move next year and open up the Point of the Mountain land for development. Over the course of dozens of public meetings and feedback, the plan for “The Point” has evolved. It’s almost like building a new city from scratch.

“We’re building this church not just for today, but for tomorrow,” said Alan Matheson, executive director of the land agency. “We want it to be relevant and innovative for generations.”

When the Prison Site Development Act was passed in 2018, it was intended as an extension of Silicon Slopes, the nickname given to the technology sites along I-15 in Utah and Salt Lake County. But when the public got involved, plans changed, Rep. Snow said.

“We have more leeway to achieve the goals given to us by the public. For example, free space, ”he told FOX 13.

More than 100 hectares of land are earmarked for parks and recreation areas. A large “central park” is being created in the middle of the development. There are more bike and hiking trails throughout the development.

“This idea of ​​a 15-minute church is a new concept in urban planning that underlines the idea that you can cover all of your daily needs within a 15-minute bike ride or 15-minute walk,” said Peter Kindel of the Skidmore planning office, Owings and Merrill.

Draper Mayor Troy Walker promoted transit options and stated at the meeting that “cars are no longer king”. The designs call for more express bus traffic, a potential front runner line, and even autonomous vehicles.

“We can’t let everyone who lives and works in this area go to this area,” he told FOX 13. “It won’t work. So we centered a kind of transit and designed it in it? Circulation pumps, either pedestrian, active transportation, maybe autonomous vehicles. “

The project will include a mix of apartments, including single-family homes. There will be entertainment districts, retail stores, and offices. Space has been reserved for a high school and a college-level “innovation center”. Mayor Walker told FOX 13 that he would like to build a major league sports stadium on the site.

“We have a place where we could go to Major League Baseball or the NFL or whoever and say, ‘Look where you can go here, look at everything you’re connected to.’ It has transit, I think it has great potential, “he said.

The Utah drought emergency has forced planners to focus on xeriscaping and water savings, Kindel said. Land authority has pushed for more sustainable development in response to public feedback.

“We assume that this development can be a model for sustainability for other developers,” said Matheson. “We want to show how we can develop in such a way that we respect our natural environment, make better use of our limited water resources and better protect our air quality.”

The project could potentially cost billions. The state owns the land and the cities would likely help improve the infrastructure. The Point will soon open offers to private developers.

Further public sessions are planned for the development. The next event for The Point is on Thursday, August 12th, 4-7pm at the Fred House Training Academy, 14727 Minuteman Dr. in Draper, instead.

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