Marquette’s Art Week continues on Saturday with the first Presque Isle Art Fair

MARQUETTE, Michigan (WLUC) – Marquette’s Art Week celebration continues with the opening on Saturday Presque Isle Art Fair.

The Studio Gallery across from Presque Isle Dock on Peter White Drive and Lakeshore Boulevard featured local artists and their work.

It was an opportunity to meet, greet, and support the Marquette art community.

From jewelry, ceramics, photography to paintings, hostess Niikah Hatfield said her works offer a taste of the UP – both historical and modern.

“Many of these artists are influenced by this area with the natural work in their art. It’s so important, especially after the pandemic. We’re all so excited to come out and share. And that’s what we’re all doing here today, ”said Hatfield, the owner of Niik Creative Co. in the studio gallery.

And with its location in the popular city park, it was a chance to get visitors to be part of the Marquette art and culture.

“It’s so much fun to be here – right on the lake in the tourist center. We want to be here in front of the people and give people something they wouldn’t normally see, ”Hatfield said.

There are more art and music events at the Studio Gallery on Presque Isle – Calendar of Events HERE.

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