Man charged in New York state after attacking man with sword

A man in upstate New York is in critical condition after police said he was assaulted Monday afternoon. Officials have not disclosed what exactly led to the attack, although the suspect involved used a sword as his weapon of choice.

Sources say the victim lost a lot of blood after the alleged attack. The police are now looking for answers as to what led to this serious argument.

WNYT says the sword attack took place at a building in Albany Monday afternoon. Police say the 34-year-old victim sustained multiple lacerations, but they were severe enough to cause him to lose a large amount of blood. He is currently in critical condition, according to WNYT. Officials say the 42-year-old suspect has been arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Man from New York is said to have threatened neighbors with a chainsaw

Which sounds like a scene from both Christmas holidays, or perhaps the latest low-budget horror film, a man is accused of threatening his neighbor with a chainsaw. And you thought some of your neighbors were crazy? According to the New York State Police, this was not the first time they had been called to this apartment over the weekend. In fact it was the fourth.

WKTV says police were called to the home one night in December 2021 and found the 59-year-old New Yorker at his feet with a chainsaw. There aren’t too many details on exactly how this whole neighborhood skirmish started, though cops ended up having to taser the suspect when they arrested him.

Police say the man is charged with threatening to kill his neighbor and also sawing down the neighbor’s vehicle with a chainsaw.

Sources say the suspect is now facing a range of charges, including resisting arrest, despite having just been ticketed and released.

Again, police say this is the fourth time in two days that they have been called to the area regarding this one particular suspect.

Bail reform remains a much-controversial topic. Another recent case involves a New York statesman who was arrested three times in just 36 hours. And according to the NY Post, the NYPD suspect even said he would be out without bail because he “had no records”. The suspect’s family alleges the homeless man was diagnosed with schizophrenia years ago and never received the full treatment he needed. The Post says the suspect’s crime spree began when he stole a 12-pack of beers and ended up being seen allegedly robbing two different women of their belongings on the subway.

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