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Loveland has its latest HeART sculpture, an installation at Mountain View High School created by the school’s art teachers, which was unveiled Friday afternoon. The hearts found throughout the city including Lake Loveland, downtown and even other schools in the area like Bill Reed Middle School are part of the City with HeART program.

The hearts, each measuring 5 feet tall and 4 1/2 feet wide and made of fiberglass, are painted and then finished with an automotive clear coat. Josten’s, a manufacturer of school keepsakes such as class rings, paid for the heart.

Anne McManus, a Mountain View art teacher who helped design and craft the heart, said she and her team strived to incorporate every aspect of the school’s culture and range of activities into the sculpture, from music and sports to Academics to the culinary arts.

A painting of the iconic mountain lion sculpture that greets high school visitors winds across the center of the piece, and the interior features four faces representing the school’s diversity. Of particular note is the Special Olympics logo, something else important to the school, she said.

“It’s all about Loveland and Mountain View,” McManus said. “We just tried to include everyone.”

The base of the sculpture features a word on each of its four sides, “Leaders, Innovators, Scholars and Artists,” representing the school’s values.

School art teachers McManus, Kim Knowles, Ian Yurk and Dave Thiessen began work on the sculpture in January, McManus said, and worked on it every day after school for weeks, an effort they estimate took about 100 hours in total took.

McManus also said she hopes the heart conveys another value of Mountain View in that students can relate to more than one activity depicted on the piece.

“I’ve been in Mountain View for 21 years now and I think what we’re trying really hard to show is that it’s okay to be a scholar and it’s okay to be an artist. It’s okay to be an athlete and a scientist,” McManus said.

Immediately following the inauguration, a student art exhibition was held, featuring art by each student enrolled in an art class at the school.

“It’s a celebration of Mountain View as an art school,” said Barbara Kruse, president of the Thompson School Board, who attended Friday’s unveiling. “Painted by and conceived by the art teachers. So this is their celebration of Mountain View.”

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