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gas prices rise. In Dallas, gas mileage has increased by 34 cents per gallon in the last week alone. We’re still below the national average, but we’re still going up.

Strip club owners make their case. They argued in federal court yesterday that the city‘s ordinance forcing it to close between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. is based on flawed police data; they are asking for an injunction. Testimony will continue next week and it is unclear when the judge will decide. What is Clearly, the VP of the Men’s Club of Dallas has a great name for a strip club VP: Lloyd Ace.

Kelcy Warren is suing Beto O’Rourke for defamation. Billionaire park father Klyde Warren and CEO of Energy Transfer claims the gubernatorial candidate has crossed a line by repeatedly claiming that Warren’s companies and others have illicitly made millions in profits from last year’s storms. Warren has donated to O’Rourke’s opponent, Gov. Greg Abbott. It’s a bit strange that this news is only now surging since the lawsuit was filed on February 22nd.

Jennifer Scripps is the new DDI boss. Scripps ran the Dallas Office of Arts and Culture; Now she is the CEO of Downtown Dallas Inc., the non-profit organization championing the central business district.

Mavs beat jazz. The final score was 111-103, and things got heated. let’s go to… Salt Lake Grandstand: “[A]After the teams had another lively encounter in their third meeting of the season, highlighted by two duels between All-Stars Rudy Gobert and Luka Doncic, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to cast the Mavs off as another talented potential postseason foe. … ‘He whispered something in my ear and tried to get me to get angry. But I knew what he was up to,’ he said [Gobert]. “A lot of things are said that wouldn’t be said outside of a basketball court. Lots of things I don’t say,” Gobert explained.”


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