Lake Elsinore residents given last chance for relocation

LAKE ELSINORE, CA – The city of Lake Elsinore will hold a final public hearing Tuesday night to receive input on adjusting the boundaries of the five city council districts.

By law, any city with a “county-based” voting system like Lake Elsinore must redraw the city council’s county boundaries every 10 years, if necessary, to conform with updated U.S. census data. The process, known as redistricting, ensures that all districts have essentially the same population.

The current city council districts were drawn based on the 2010 census, where the city’s population was 51,821. For comparison, the city’s population in 2020 was 72,979, an increase of 40.83 percent. During the 10-year period, District 2, currently represented by Councilor Steve Manos, and District 3, represented by Mayor Tim Sheridan, both experienced significant growth.

Below is the current map of Lake Elsinore’s five boroughs:

The map below, dubbed the Tan Map, shows the new proposed districts (by color) that will be discussed Tuesday night:

The city must hold at least four public hearings that allow community members to provide input into the redistribution process. Public hearings were held on August 25, September 14, February 22 and March 8. Recordings of these hearings are available at

The Lake Elsinore reclassification process must be completed by April 17th.

Tuesday night’s Lake Elsinore City Council meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Cultural Center, 183 North Main Street. The meeting is also available via live stream at https://lake-elsinore.legistar. To dial into the meeting and make public comments via Zoom, register by clicking the following link before 5:00 p.m. Tuesday: https://us02web.zoom .us/s/8653…

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