Jessie Diggins crowns the 2022 Olympics with a 30km silver medal in cross-country skiing

In one of the final events of the 2022 Winter Olympics, Jessie Diggins ended her games with a bang, winning a silver medal in the women’s 30km mass start.

Crossing the finish line with tears streaming down her face, Diggins collapsed. She had done what no American woman had ever done at the Olympics, and she did it twice.

On February 5, Diggins became the first American ever to win an individual cross-country medal at the Olympics after winning bronze in the women’s 1.5-kilometer cross-country individual sprint.

She added to her legacy as one of America’s top cross-country skiers by winning her second individual cross-country medal on Saturday night.

Diggins was the first non-European woman to win a medal at the Olympics.

For minutes after Diggins finished, she struggled to get up after pouring every ounce of her energy into the grueling race.

Diggins, a Westminster College alumnus, finished the 30K in Zhangjiakou in 1 hour, 26 minutes and 37 seconds.

She was 1 minute and 43 seconds behind Therese Johaug of Norway who won gold in a time of 1:24:54.0.

Finland’s Kerttu Niskanen won the bronze medal with a time of 1:27:27.3.

Salt Lake City‘s Rosie Diggins finished sixth out of 63 competitors with a time of 1:27:32.7.

Sophia Laukli, a member of the University of Utah Ski Team, finished 15th with a time of 1:31:21.2 and Novie McCabe, another member of the University of Utah Ski Team, finished with a time of 1: 31:22.5 18th place.

Diggins’ second place gave the 30-year-old her third Olympic medal overall after winning gold in the team sprint at the 2018 games.

Later, as she stepped onto the podium, Diggins smiled and clenched her fists.

Competition at the 2022 Olympics ended Saturday night with Diggins winning one of the last available medals.

How other athletes with Utah ties fared in Saturday’s medal events

Bob – two-woman

Kaysha Love – born in West Jordan, lives in Salt Lake City – 7th place out of 20 teams.

Cross-country skiing – men’s 50 km mass start

Snorri Einarsson (Iceland) – University of Utah (2007-08 Utah Ski Team) – 23rd place out of 60 competitors.

Speed ​​Skating – Men’s Mass Start

Joey Mantia – Salt Lake City resident – Fourth of 16 competitors

Speed ​​skating – women’s mass start

Giorgia Birkeland – Salt Lake Community College (current student) – 12th place out of 17 competitors.

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