Jazz striker Joe Ingles plans to maintain a simple lifestyle after retiring from the NBA

SALT LAKE CITY – Utah Jazz forward Joe Ingles said he plans to maintain a simple lifestyle after completing his NBA career.

It is rare for Ingles to stay away from his trusty white Nikes on the pitch. If there is color beyond the jersey, it is likely a brightly colored pair of socks.

Ingles just keeps it simple on and off the pitch and doesn’t expect that to change when his game days are over. That doesn’t mean Ingles’ eyes on anything beyond this season in the final season of a 2019 renewal, however.

During the DJ & PK show on The Zone Sports Network on December 21, 2021, Ingles stopped calling himself cheap but made it clear that he was fine.

“I drive a really old, used F-150 and wear jazz sweatshirts and chucks. My bank account is fine, ”Ingles clarified as the conversation focused on his sources of income after his NBA career.

Ingles even joked about what his fitness routine might look like after his playing time ends.

“I think it will get to the point where I enjoy a quiet beer every now and then.” Ingles continued, “I think it could get to the point where I see myself in the mirror and say, ‘… oh, shoot … it’s time to find this out.”

That time doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon as the versatile player can join Quin Snyder’s starting XI instead of Rudy Gobert.

With Mike Conley missing one of the most back-to-back games this season, Ingles played some of his best basketball players of the season. When Royce O’Neale missed a handful of games due to foot pain, Joe Power Forward played as admirably as he had played point guard.

In 30 games that season, Ingles averaged 7.7 points per game at 44 percent shooting from the field and 39.6 percent from beyond the bow, both of which are his lowest since the 2015/16 season. He also averages 24.8 minutes per game, his fewest since 2016-17. All with the idea that when jazz needs him most, in the playoffs, he can contribute more than in previous years when he has less work in the regular season.

Until the time for beer and donuts comes with the occasional exercise, Ingles continues to talk about trash on an NBA floor near you.

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