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Horn Lake said goodbye to a trio of senior councilors Tuesday, thanking them for their long service to the city.

Alderman At-Large Donnie “Chigger” White, Ward 4 Alderman Charlie Roberts, and Ward 6 Alderman John Jones all attended their last board meeting reflecting on their time in the city service.

Mayor Allen Latimer handed them certificates and said all three were hard workers for the city.

“We may not always agree on different topics, issues and approaches, but we cared about the well-being of the citizens and the city,” said Latimer.

White, who served 45 years in the public service, said despite stepping down from the board, he will continue to work to make Horn Lake a better place to live. White chose to run for mayor, but lost to Latimer in the Republican primary.

“It won’t end,” said White. “We’ll just pause it because the old chigger might be back.”

White said the city was broke when he was elected to the board in 2005, but it is great satisfaction to know that he left the city in better shape than when he took office.

“When I got elected, we were broke,” said White. “We had neither a window nor a pot. If we get out of here now, I think we’re in pretty good shape. And the man who will sit in this seat is a good man. “

Jones thanked the citizens who trusted him as councilor for 16 years.

“I appreciated every little bit of it,” said Jones. “I’ve been here since Goodman Road was a dirt road. It’s been a long way since I started walking across the cotton fields here as a kid to go to Herb’s Grocery for shotgun shells one at a time. You sold them in a box but you could only afford one and it mattered. “

He reiterated what White had said about the city’s poor finances in 2005, when the city only had $ 12.87 in the bank and hit the payroll on Friday.

“We’re leaving you in the bank with a lot more than $ 12.87,” said Jones. “This is the first time in a long time that we no longer had to issue a tax advance loan. We left you in good shape. “

Jones ended up asking citizens to hold their elected officials accountable.

“I’m proud that Ward 6 came out with 17 percent of the vote,” said Jones. “That’s the highest percentage in town. It’s good. You have to do that. Let them do what they should do. They are supposed to represent you. You tell them what you want, and if not, don’t put them back here, but get someone else. “

Roberts, who lost his candidacy for a third term in the Republican primary to David Young, thanked his fellow board members and voters for allowing him to represent Ward 4 for eight years.

“I know that I’ve got you through some tough times, challenging times at times,” said Roberts. “And yes, Mayor, I appreciate that you can bear it, that I tease you back and forth. I know you hate to admit it, but I was actually right about some things. When people brought problems to me, I tried my best to find a solution. I appreciate the lessons I have learned and the support you have given me and the discussions we have had to help move this city forward. We may agree that we disagree, but we’ve moved this city forward. “

Roberts said Horn Lake was a great city but cautioned against further voter apathy. The turnout in Horn Lake was a record 16 percent.

“Our voter apathy is terrible,” said Roberts. “I would encourage people to go out there and vote for the next four years. Let’s identify voter apathy. Let’s correct voters’ apathy. We should have more than 17 percent in two constituencies. Let’s move on. Let’s not go backwards. Let’s get people involved because that’s what it’s all about. We’re all here to do better. “

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