Grindstone dinner also rewards courteous employees: Community Voices

BEREA, Ohio – The Grindstone Awards Dinner on October 7th honored eight courteous employees from local businesses and organizations. The Rising Star Award and the new Legacy Award were also presented.

The Courteous Award is given to employees who stand up for the public and customers.

This year’s winners included:

Angela Brooks, Owner of Mootown Creamery. Brooks hosts a weekly classic car show every summer, the proceeds of which go to local charities. In collaboration with the Berea Police, she also gives out ice cream tickets to children who show good behavior and good citizenship. Mootown also participates in community events.

Jim Bycznski is a visual effects and design teacher at Berea-Midpark High School. His visual arts classes help students learn the intricacies of designing for television and film, as well as problem-solving skills.

Nick Doehr is an Intervention Specialist at Grindstone Elementary School. He founded Men with Manners, which focuses on socializing third and fourth grade boys in manners and being role models. Among other things, the children learn how to tie ties and shake hands correctly.

Kristen Johnson is a career counselor at Grindstone Elementary. She works with students who need additional help and works with Berea’s Community Outreach Program to provide backpacks of groceries for students who may need meals over the weekend.

Cindy Millen retired this year as a fourth grade teacher from Grindstone Elementary. She started with Treats for the Troops, where students donate their Halloween candy to be sent to local veterans and active service members. Last year, one of the packages was sent to Airman Ariana Colon-Fuentes from Berea, who is stationed with the Air Force in Alaska.

Everett Phillips recently retired from the Berea service department after having been involved in the beautification of Berea for 21 years. He cleared the area around the Triangle and Coe Lake and worked on the construction and dismantling for town festivals and events. He was known for his attention to detail and for making sure everything was nice and clean.

Junior Rosado has been with the Northwestern Healthcare Center for 25 years. As maintenance manager, he ensures that the building is in top shape. He also volunteers to take residents on excursions and recently redesigned the break room for staff.

Leah Segedi is Deputy Head of the US Bank’s Berea Office. In addition to being a trusted source for financial advice, she also helps with community fraud prevention seminars.

The Rising Star Award was given to the Berea Fine Arts Club. The award was received by Roy Jenkins, president and vice president of the club for the past 10 years. Under his leadership, the club moved into the Little Red Schoolhouse during the renovation of the building. The club also started new programs, including a summer art camp and Halloween night for kids.

New this year is the Legacy Award, which was presented to Baldwin Wallace university. On behalf of the college, President Dr. Robert Helmer against. The Legacy Award recognizes an organization that has made a significant and positive impact on the community.

Celebrating 175 years in business in 2021, BW was one of the first colleges in America to accept students regardless of race or gender.

The Grindstone Award, Courtesy Awards, Rising Star Award and Legacy Award are sponsored by the Berea Chamber of Commerce.

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