Frequently Asked Questions about Credit Cards

Frequently Asked Questions about Credit Cards

The basic thing about credit cards is that every transaction you make with the card increases on your debt. You simply trade on credit. Then you will receive an invoice on your total debt. Usually once a month. You can also choose to pay off your debt over a number of months at a predetermined interest rate.

Your credit card also has a credit limit. This limit is determined partly by the credit limit you have applied for yourself and partly by the credit limit that the card company believes your finances can handle. The higher your salary, the more credit you can usually get. Ordinary credit amounts are USD 10,000 – USD 100,000 a month.


Can I apply for a Credit Card without UC?

Credit Card without UC?

There is only one straight answer to that question: no, you cannot apply for a credit card without a credit report at UC. For the simple reason that all financial companies and banks that offer credit cards use the Information Center when making their credit assessment.


Can I get a credit card even though I have payment notes?

Can I get a credit card even though I have payment notes?

No, if you have one or more payment notes, you cannot get a credit card. In this case, payment notes are seen as engraved and a sign that the individual in question cannot handle credit. However, there are private loans and quick loans that can be obtained even though you have payment notes.

In most cases, you will not be able to sign up for a new credit card if you have payment notes. But to say that it is impossible is not true.

There are exceptions, but unfortunately they are very rare. The best chance you have is to make personal contact with the bank or card issuer and argue your case.


What does a mobile credit card mean?

credit card mean?

A credit card in your mobile phone works in the same way as a credit card. But instead of a physical credit card, you use an app on your mobile. The usual name for this service is “credit account”. In practical terms, this means that you transfer money from your credit account to your regular bank account when needed. You can then pay interest on the credit amount you transferred.

Mobile – your credit card in the future

Online merchandise sales are constantly increasing, which constantly places new demands on user-friendliness and security.

E-commerce on mobile devices has doubled over the past nine months, and many believe that mobile solutions for all types of transactions, so-called digital wallets, will come soon.


What does additional insurance mean in the credit card?

credit card?

The usual extra insurance is so-called “supplementary travel insurance”, which is activated automatically, provided you pay a certain part of the trip with your credit card.

Insurance on your card

Your card is much more than just a means of payment. If you pay for the trip or the item with the card, you often include insurance if something goes wrong.

The proportion is usually 50-75%. In other words: if your trip costs USD 20,000 and you pay the full amount with your credit card, then the supplementary travel insurance is activated.

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