Former school principal survived COVID-19 what he wants to share

Almost two years have passed since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. From the beginning we have seen the world lose millions of people.

After spending a total of 100 days in the intensive care unit and rehabilitation center, former McBain Elementary School director Pat Smith shares his story of survival and faith.

A year ago, Pat Smith could not stand, get out of bed, or even walk … these are some of the struggles he has had since contracting the 2020 virus.

Now that the New Year and the holidays are approaching, he thinks about how far he has come.

“I didn’t mean to die,” said Smith. “I wasn’t scared of dying at all, but I just didn’t feel like this was my time.”

Smith currently lives in Lake City. He fell ill with COVID-19 last year and was admitted to the War Memorial Hospital in Salute Sainte Marie on Halloween.

“I got sicker and sicker and sicker,” he said. “On Saturday I looked out over the bay and said,” Lord, what should I do? “

Just like many other people, Smith was healthy and rode his bike an average of about 20 miles a day, but that changed when he got COVID.

After he was admitted, his health deteriorated rapidly. He was eventually led by Dr. Visits Bo, the doctor responsible for saving his life.

“I was ready to trust him,” said Smith. “Only with this regiment I turned it around in a week. Everything looked so much more positive and that was the key in the end. He was a godsend, a brilliant man, he really is. “

Dr. Bo took all drugs from Smith and replaced them with steroid therapy. He was in the intensive care unit for 50 days and was finally transferred to the rehab center around Christmas.

“I’ve spent over 100 days without physically touching any of my family members, which … that’s a disappointment,” said Smith. “But you’re trying so hard to get better, my psyche went there … I was very tired, but I’m not a person who gives up.”

Smith says God was there alongside his family and supportive community to help him get through the difficult times.

“It was a loyal journey, I would say. I had many conversations with the Lord and they weren’t always happy conversations, but they were pretty honest and I learned a lot more about myself, ”he said. “I’ve gained a greater depth of thinking about who I am and I’m a happier person because of it.”

He says that people need to be mindful and careful and get vaccinated. He also says that you shouldn’t let COVID change your lifestyle to some extent.

“It’s not the end of the world, but respect it and be smart,” he said.

Smith says he and Dr. Bo are friends to this day. Smith is still recovering from lung therapy and getting stronger every day.

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