Five more Apollo and Tech sports teams could become collaborations

ST. CLOUD – The St. Cloud Area School District is planning to bring multiple high school sports teams together before the upcoming school year.

Under the proposal, the girls’ tennis, boys’ tennis, girls’ softball, boys’ baseball, and girls’ basketball teams would all become separate co-op teams.

Currently the schools have joint teams for gymnastics, wrestling, boys ‘hockey, girls’ hockey, boys ‘lacrosse, and girls’ lacrosse.

Deputy Headmaster of the Secondary School Laurie Putnam says the district hopes the co-op teams will be a temporary fix to reduce attendance. She says they are working to rebuild the activity programs by providing after-school transportation at the high school level and hiring coordinators for mid-level activities to help build a pipeline from elementary school.

The district is also seeking public feedback on the names and colors of the co-op teams. Upon completion, the proposal must be approved by the Minnesota State High School League.

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