FCBD 2021: Read It Or Leave It? : Adult silver securities

Here are the titles that were once sold at “Mature Readers Only” IF your comic book store actually carried them, and you usually had to ask them to pull out a box from behind the counter.

Now? Bookstores and libraries offer them to everyone! R-rated superheroes are @ # $% &! Popular, there’s a violent superhero cartoon on Amazon Prime, and, as seen below, you can even get them for free!

Your outrage may vary, you’ve been warned, and try not to laugh too much.

(F) Ed Piskor (A) Ed Piskor

The most anticipated series of 2021 receives the FCBD treatment with this ALL NEW “bonus” number of the series! With 33 comic pages produced exclusively for FCBD, by the creator of Hip-hop family tree and X-Men: Grand Design, designed as a perfect entry point for new readers and a must-have for those already on board. Aided by the anonymous dark web and a near-impossible to find cryptocurrency, a subculture of criminals has emerged who live-stream and frequent the murders via webcam for entertainment. Who are the murderers? Who are the victims ? Who is the audience? How to stop it? An outlaw and splatterpunk masterpiece, as seen on Piskor’s YouTube channel sensation, cartoonist Kayfabe!

Proprietary original material
Assessment: Teen [Mature]

WHOA. It is Piskor taking so many aspects of current society, and weaving a disturbing but fascinating body of work. Not for everyone, but there are probably a lot of readers out there who… “appreciate” is not the right word… “appreciate” this work.

(F) Elizabeth Pich (A / CA) Elizabeth Pich

Live the passion and fun of the Fungirl! Revel in his exploits, demolishing patriarchy while nearly burning the house down while masturbating, showing teenage skate tricks, and plotting a job at the funeral home. And, a llama? Chaos reigns supreme. What could go wrong? Let’s find out.

Hardware overview
Rating: Mature

Weird and funny vignettes about a new adult who is possibly the worst roommate and employee, so of course the hilarity ensues! (Hey, it worked for Friends and Seinfeld, right?)

(F) Garth Ennis (A) John McCrea (CA) Darick Robertson

An evil so deep that it threatens all mankind … the most powerful heroes on the planet unite to defend us all … a secret crisis of such a finality that a countdown to civil or endless war seems inevitable… but have you ever wondered what really happens during Crossovers? The Seven, Payback, Teenage Kix, Fantastico and every other supe on Earth team up for an annual event like no other… and where do the sups go, can a certain “five complications and a dog” be far behind? Vought-American prepare to take action, in a story that will change the world of Boys forever: Herogasm # 1.
The very first Boys The spin-off miniseries features Ennis’ association with Hitman artist John McCrea and covers of Boys artist and co-creator Darick Robertson! Reprint material
Rating: Mature

Yes. Herogasm. Quite possibly The Boys’ number par excellence. If you are not familiar with this series, I highly recommend that you read the Wikipedia article first.

CW, TW, NSFW, rule 34.

(F) Miscellaneous (A) Miscellaneous (CA) Joel Humberto Herrera

After 20 years of antics coming out of the Sunnyvale trailer park, the underground TV phenomenon Boys in the trailer park finally comes to the comic! Full of short stories and activity pages, many of the best in comics are joining together to create a special comic book series in 2021 and beyond in honor of Ricky, Bubbles and Julian and all that. fans have grown to love on the show.

Proprietary original material
Rating: Mature

No idea what the franchise is, but the stories are pretty funny.

(F) Budjette Tan (A / CA) Kajo Baldisimo

Award-winning comic and soon to be Netflix animated series! When dusk arrives in the city of Manila, you most likely fall prey to the underworld. Kidnappers and thieves will be the least of your worries. Beware of criminals who cannot be handcuffed or injured by bullets. Beware of those who thirst for your blood, those who withhold the ransom of your heart, and those who come to steal your soul. When the crime takes a strange turn, the police call Alexandra Trese. The TRESE FCBD book features a preview of TRESE Vol 2: Unreported Murders, a section on the upcoming Netflix animated series TRESE launching this summer (including an interview with director Jay Oliva), bonus pages with information on the monsters of the myth Filipino, as narrated by the creators of TRESE Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo, and a teaser on TRESE Vol 3: Mass Murders, coming in September from ABLAZE!

Reprint material
Rating: Mature

Something completely different. Intriguing.

(F) Tim Seeley, Tini Howard, Blake Howard (A) Devmalya Pramanik, Nathan Gooden (CA) Aaron Campbell

When Cecily Bain, an executive of the Twin Cities vampiric elite, takes a mysterious new vampire under her wing, she is embroiled in an insidious plot.
Will she be able to escape with her unlife and protect her aging sister with Alzheimer’s disease, or will she be yet another pawn sacrificed to keep the age-old secret: that vampires exist? among the living.
Meanwhile, on the outskirts of town, a found rebellious family of hunted vampires investigate a vicious murder.

Proprietary original material
Rating: Mature

Vampires as organized crime. Politics might make an interesting read.

Free Comic Strip Day 2021 is this Saturday August 14th.

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