Faribault Alderman likes Hometown Hero Banner Idea

The Tuesday evening of the Faribault City Council held a working session in the City Hall.

Paul Penansky, director of city parks and recreation, told council members he met with Virginia Van Sluis and Chamber President Nort Johnson in mid-September about an idea the Elks Lodge of Faribault would like to pursue.

Van Sluis was on vacation in Virginia when she saw banners in a community showing military personnel.

Mayor Kevin Voracek told KDHL on the 8:05 am report he and the council think it’s a great idea.

The moose would provide the funding. There would be no cost to the city other than the work of putting up the banners.

Current and former service members could be honored by the community. The banners would have a picture of the hometown hero. They would replace some of the current banners in the city center.

Other possible areas for the banners would be the Riverbend, Bluff, and Mills areas, which currently have banners.

The suggestion is to replace every other banner for up to 6 months and replace it with the next set of hero banners.

The banners could be updated every November and May.

There are still some details to be worked out, but Mayor Voracek believes it will become a reality.

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