Farewell to “Lake Forward”? New construction to prevent flooding at the La Jolla Boulevard roundabout

Could 2021 be the first year in recent history that Lake Forward is not created in Bird Rock during the rainy season?

At the encouragement of the community and with the help of San Diego City Councilor Joe LaCava, District 1 of which La Jolla is a part, a drainage basin has been installed to stop the annual flooding at the roundabout on La Jolla Boulevard in Forward. should reduce road. In winter, the local residents called the area “Lake Forward”.

The hollow was completed on October 28th.

“Drainage issues at the Forward Street roundabout have been a problem for decades,” said Barbara Dunbar, Bird Rock Maintenance Assessment District representative, during the online Bird Rock Community Council meeting on November 2nd. “After moderate to heavy rainfall, it affected the adjacent MAD landscape areas.”

She said MAD manager Matt Mangano has been working with the city for the past five years to find a solution. At one point the flood was estimated to be 2 feet.

“Because of Matt’s efforts and those of our city council representative [LaCava], a capital improvement project to correct the problem has been approved and funded in the current city budget, ”said Dunbar. “Now we’re waiting for rain to see if it works and we really hope it works.”

In 2017, local residents voiced concerns that the weight of the water is putting pressure on the sidewalk and damaging infrastructure. They said the road seemed to be sinking.

In 2019, the La Jolla Community Planning Association decided to recommend a solution to the flooding problem as part of District 1’s budget for the next fiscal year.

More news from Bird Rock

MAD update: The BRCC meeting served simultaneously as the monthly community meeting and the annual maintenance assessment district meeting of the board. Updates have been made available on what the MAD has helped to achieve and what issues remain.

BRCC oversees the MAD, including environmental, safety, maintenance, irrigation, water talks, and landscape matters.

The Bird Rock MAD was founded in 2005 to calm traffic and after “many decades of speeding and life-threatening safety issues on La Jolla Boulevard,” said Dunbar. The city agreed to install roundabouts, bulb-outs, medians, and other infrastructure if a MAD would maintain them. The MAD is responsible for the five roundabouts on La Jolla Boulevard, landscaping areas along the sidewalk, select landscape medians, mini-roundabouts on other Bird Rock streets, and more.

“Since the last one [annual MAD] Meet, the state of Bird Rock MAD landscaping has improved, ”said Dunbar. “Landscaping and general upkeep will continue to be carried out while adhering to evolving city, county and state regulations and mandates in relation to the pandemic.”

“Numerous minor accidents … and far more serious major accidents” have impacted the MAD this year, however, she said.

“Most of the minor accidents were hit-and-run and crossings that caused minor damage,” she said. “Unfortunately, the MAD suffered considerable damage to facilities, guard rails, valves and irrigation systems as a result of the more serious accidents.”

Two damaged guard rails have not yet been repaired.

A vehicle run over damaged this landscaped area and infrastructure in Bird Rock this year.

(Ashley Mackin-Solomon)

The MAD has also seen an increase in coastal survey use and litter during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dunbar said.

“Visitor litter remains a problem at viewpoints and corridors with ocean views, especially on weekends,” she said, adding that the MAD will continue to clean up there.

Discount app: A new app that offers discounts at various Bird Rock stores is coming January 1st to Community Council members.

Craig Bender, Representative for Bird Rock Merchants Group, said, “We’re excited about this, and the dealers are excited because there are many companies that residents don’t know are there. This will give them some visibility. Our goal is to unite Bird Rock and support the local population. ”

By paying the membership fee, BRCC members have access to the app, which automatically grants discounts at participating dealers. To join BRCC, visit birdrockcc.org/join-the-brcc.

Next meeting: The Bird Rock Community Council’s December meeting is usually a holiday party, but none is currently planned. The board does not meet in January. The next meeting is online on Tuesday, February 1st, at 6 p.m. Learn more at vogelrockcc.org. ◆

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