Election Day: Voter Checklist and Where to Cast Your Vote in Chatham County

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Today is Election Day and WSAV is on your side to let you know where to go to cast your ballot.

Polling stations are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on election day. Any voter who is in line to vote at 7:00 p.m. will be allowed to vote.

How to find your district: Visit the Georgia Secretary of State’s My Voters Page. Complete the fields on the right side of the page including your first name, last name, the county you live in and your date of birth. Once you’ve filled out this information, you’ll be able to find your constituency and view sample ballots.

Opening hours:

Polling stations are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on election day. Any voter who is in line to vote at 7:00 p.m. will be allowed to vote.

What you should bring with you:

ID is required to vote.

Permitted IDs are:

  • A Georgia driver’s license, even if it’s expired
  • A photo ID issued by a state or federal agency
  • A valid US passport
  • An employee identification card that includes your photo and is issued by a branch, department, agency, or corporation of the United States government, Georgia, or a Georgia county, municipality, board, agency, or other corporation
  • A valid US military ID card
  • A valid tribal ID.

Below are the counties, names, and addresses of all Chatham County polling locations for the November 8 general election:

1-01 First Presbyterian Church 520 Washington Avenue
1-05 JEA Building 5111 Abercorn Street
1-06 Central Church of Christ 632 Stephenson Avenue
1-08 Grace United Methodist Church 6412 Waters Ave
1-09 Immanuel Baptist Church 7375 Hodgson Memorial Drive
1-10 St Thomas Episcopal Church 2 St Thomas Avenue
1-12 Isle of Hope Baptist Church 22 Rose Ave
1-13 The Sanctuary 8912 Whitefield
1-14 St. Luke United Methodist Church 9114 Whitefield Avenue
1-16 Ferguson Ave Baptist Church 10050 Ferguson Ave
1-17 Islands Christian Church 4601 US Highway 80 East
2-02 River Pointe 939 Wheaton Street
2-03 WW Law Center 909 East Bolton Street
2-04 Fellowship of Love Community Church 1402 Harmon Street
2-05 Holy Spirit Lutheran Church 622 East 37th Street
2-06 Eli Whitney Complex #2 Laura Street
2-07 Christ Community Church in Morningside 1805 E. Gwinnett Street
2-09 Salvation Army 3000 Bee Road
2-11 Haven of Hope Community Center 728 E 55th St.
2-12 Williams Court 1900 Lincoln St
3-02 Temple Mickve Israel 20 E Gordon St
3-03 Savannah High School 400 Pennsylvania Ave
3-04 1. African Baptist Church 402 Treat Street
3-05 New Generations Cathedral 2023 Tennessee Ave
3-08 Jenkins High School 1800 E. DeRenne Avenue
3-09 The ConneXion Church 5411 Skidaway Road
3-10 Bible Baptist Church 4700 Skidaway Road
3-11 Southside Baptist Church 5502 Skidaway Road
3-12 Thunderbolt Senior Center 3236 Russell Street
3-13 New Covenant Seventh Day Adventist Church 5100 LaRoche Avenue
3-14 Oglethorpe Charter Academy 7202 Central Avenue
4-02 Islands High School Annex 169 Whitemarsh Island Road
4-04 Lighthouse Baptist Church 401 Quarterman Road
4-05 Saint Francis Episcopal 590 Walthour Road
4-06 First Baptist Church on the Islands 6613 Johnny Mercer Boulevard
4-07 Wilmington Island Methodist Church 195 Wilmington Island Road
4-08 Wilmington Island Press. Church 450 North Cromwell Road
4-10 Burke Day Public Safety Bldg 78 Van Horne Ave
4-11 Tybee Old School Cafeteria 202 Fifth Street
4-12 St Peters Episcopal Church 3 Westridge Road
4-13 Skidaway Community Church 50 Diamond Causeway
4-14 Skidaway Island Methodist Church 54 Diamond Causeway
5-02 Senior Citizens Inc. 3025 Bull Street
5-03 Butler pressure. Ed. Building 603 West Victory Drive
5-05 Liberty City Community Center 1401 Mills B. Lane
5-06 Seed Church 1950 Chatham Parkway
5-07 Elks Lodge 183 Wilshire Blvd
5-08 Southside Assembly of God (temporary) 401 Tibet Avenue
5-10 Jonesville Baptist Church 5201 Montgomery Street
5-11 Largo Tibet School 430 Tibet Ave
6-01 White Bluff Presbyterian Church 10710 White Bluff Road
6-02 Windsor Forest Baptist Church 12521 White Bluff Road
6-03 Crusader Community Center 81 Coffee Bluff Villa Rd
6-05 Windsor Hall 302 Briarcliff Circle
6-06 The Light 8511 Waters Avenue
6-08 Christ Memorial Baptist Church 1023 Dutchtown Rd
6-09 Trinity Lutheran Church 12391 Mercy Blvd
6-10 Georgetown Elementary School 1516 King George Blvd
6-11 Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens 2 Canebrake Road
7-01 Garden City First Baptist Church 35 Nelson Ave
7-03 Preston B. Edwards High School 101 Turnberry Street
7-04 Lakeshore Community Center 1000 Lake Shore Blvd
7-05 Woodlawn Baptist Church 407 Talmadge Ave
7-06 Pooler First Baptist Church 204 US-80
7-07 Rothwell Baptist Church 216 East Rothwell St
7-08 Bloomingdale Notice. Center 202 E. Moore Street
7-09 Adult Ministry Center at Compassion 50 Al Henderson Blvd.
7-10 Progressive Recovery 5321 Ogeechee Road
7-11 Savannah Fire Station 14 480 Highlands Blvd
7-12 West Chatham Baptist Church 1360 S Rogers St
7-13 Southside Fire Training Center 1381 Dean Forest Road
7-14 Coastal Cathedral Church of God 275 Berwick Boulevard
7-15 Rice Creek School 100 Mulberry Street
7-16 Pooler Rec Center Gym 900 S. Rogers St
8-01 ​​Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum 460 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
8-02 Hellenic Center 14 W. Anderson Street
8-03 Silk Hope Baptist Church 4929 Pineland Drive
8-05 West Broad YMCA 1110 May St
8-06 Tompkins Recreation Center 2333 Ogeechee Road
8-07 Woodville Tompkins Technical Institute 151 Coach Joe Turner Street
8-08 Resurrection of Our Lord Church 112 Fell Street
8-09 Moses Jackson Center 1410 Richards Street
8-10 Carver Heights Community Center 905 Collat ​​Street
8-11 Butler Elementary School 1909 Cynthia Street
8-12 Beach High School 3001 Hopkins Street
8-13 Savannah Christian School 1599 Chatham Parkway
8-15 Cooper Center 700 Davis Ave
8-16 Mighty 8th Museum 175 Bourne Ave
8-17 Georgia Tech, Savannah Campus (2) 210 Technology Circle
8-18 Savannah First Seventh-day Adventist Church 50 Godley Way

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