Duluth lifts thermostat request to natural gas customers east of Lake Ave.

“We want to thank the public for their support over the past few days,” said Greg Guererro, interim director of public works and utilities. “Reducing the strain on gas services allowed our crews and contractors to make necessary repairs and gave us time to rely on gas flow to serve customers. We know this has been an inconvenience to many and appreciate their help to keep services running for the wider community.”

The city notified natural gas customers Thursday, January 27, after its main gas line was damaged.

On Friday, Jan. 28, the city asked all natural gas customers east of Lake Avenue to lower their thermostats to 62 degrees to ease the overall load on the system.

According to city officials, lowering the thermostats in that area helped all businesses and homes heat with the gas remaining in the system. Without customer support, neighborhoods were in danger of going completely off gas.

“I want to personally thank the staff for their work,” said Mayor Emily Larson. “Many had very little sleep while they repaired the gas line, monitored that conditions were safe and maintained services that customers rely on. They deserve a lot of credit for their time and expertise in fixing this as quickly as possible.”

Mayor Larson continued, “I also want to thank everyone who has been impacted by this. Because so many were willing to sacrifice their comfort and turn down their thermostats, we didn’t have to shut down neighborhood services. We cannot thank residents and businesses enough for their patience and understanding.”

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