Crewe Advisors expands to include an $ 800 million team

SALT LAKE CITY – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Crewe Advisors, a Utah-based RIA company founded in 2015, is expanding with a Scottsdale-based team that emerged from BMO Wealth Management. Crewe, which recently exceeded $ 1 billion in assets under management, plans to add to its growth momentum by adding the five experts who had approximately $ 800 million under management at their previous firm.

The team joining Crewe Advisors consists of partners Jason Miller and Kris Yamano, who will complement the leadership of Crewe Advisors, along with partners and advisors Duncan Corley and Louise Goudy, and Senior Associate Kimberly Mawk. With more than 100 years of combined industry experience, the five complement the list of companies with interdisciplinary know-how and operational know-how.

“When we thought about switching to the independent channel, we saw a clear synergy between our two teams,” explains Yamano. “Continuing to serve our clients at the highest level has been our priority, and what Ryan Halliday and his team have built with Crewe Advisors enables us to continue our client-centric work seamlessly. The capabilities of the Private Wealth team, with the added support of Crewe’s expertise in working with small businesses and entrepreneurs, including M&A and valuation solutions, will only enhance the services we can offer our business owners. ”

Halliday, managing partner of Crewe Advisors, explains the company’s intended expansion approach: “As we wanted to expand our presence beyond Salt Lake City, we were looking for a high-quality team with the same customer-centric culture that we have built. Jason, Kris, Duncan, Louise and Kimberly fit together naturally from both a philosophical and a values-based perspective. We are full of energy to work with our newest team members and bring a new spark to the market. ”

Crewe Advisors’ mission is to act as the family CFO to clients, working with them to provide comprehensive, impartial advice and to help navigate a range of decisions and challenges in order to achieve financial harmony. The team of wealth advisors helps clients preserve, increase and transfer wealth across generations. The company also offers family office services to wealthy clients.

About Crewe Advisors

Founded in 2015 in Salt Lake City, Crewe Advisors is a fee-paying, independent, SEC registered $ 1 billion investment advisor providing comprehensive financial, real estate, investment, tax, risk and philanthropic planning offers. The law firm offers impartial advice and an open architecture in the interests of the customer.

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