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What do you think?
Do you remember 2016? Remember how the polls kept telling us that Hillary Clinton was headed for victory? Well that didn’t happen. Step into the era of mistrust of anything regarding elections and, of course, step into the era of Trumpism. Maybe you think what Utahns want makes a difference on a national level? Think again US presidential elections are decided by only a few major “battlefield” states, and no one really believes Utah makes a difference. at Strength in Numbers: How Surveys Work and Why We Need Them, learn why surveys are still important – especially those that measure local issues. “G. Elliott Morris is a data-driven journalist and author who writes on American politics, opinion polls, demographics, and elections. Morris will discuss how polls work, why they matter, and the magic and science behind election prediction, ”says. Hinckley Institute of Politics, 260 S. Central Campus Drive, Gardner Commons: Room 2018, Thursday, December 2, 12:00 noon, free.

Vaccination policy
If you’re wondering why the anti-vaxxers have such pulling power, take a look at history. While QAnon may be a relatively new phenomenon, vaccination is not. “A dialogue on the history of vaccination policy and policywill bring the current moment of vaccination hesitation regarding COVID-19 into dialogue with what we generally know about vaccination hesitation in the US and around the world, “say the organizers. They will find out: 1. Why do people hesitate sometimes, vaccinated? 2. How unique is COVID-19 in terms of vaccination hesitation? 3. What can or should be done to try to reduce public reluctance to vaccinate? Something you can possibly do to change the narrative . There are economic effects that? Could convince. Hinckley Institute of Politics, 260 S. Central Campus Drive, Gardner Commons: Room 2018, Wednesday, December 1, 12:00 noon, free.

Do you need a home?
The Utah Foundation just released a study on affordable housing – something that doesn’t exist in Utah. They draw attention to the “missing middle” because apartment buildings, the ability to walk and income diversity are lacking. at Solution for living in the economic inclusion equation, learn from Utah and Idaho’s leading affordable housing experts and examine the impact of housing on the most vulnerable populations in our communities. Both Utah and Idaho housing markets are described as “hot” and “unhealthy” so residents in their home states cannot buy. Join panelists from Zions Bank, NeighborWorks, and the Utah Department of Indian Affairs to find out how to address this grossly imbalanced problem. Virtual, Tuesday, November 30th, 12 noon, free of charge.

Meals for the homeless
It’s almost Thanksgiving, and volunteers (ages 16+) can help out Prepare and serve meals at the VOA Youth Homeless Resource Center. Wear closed-toe shoes, a mask and comfortable clothing. Food is bought from Love Lake City so all they need is you. VOA Homeless Youth Resource Center, 888 S. 400 West, Thursday, November 25th, 5 p.m. Free of charge / registration at

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