Brian Laundrie was seen in bodycam footage with TWO cell phones despite telling police officers he had “no phone”

POLICE bodycam footage of an argument between Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito shows Laundrie using two cell phones – despite telling police he doesn’t have a phone.

When asked by a Moab police officer if he had a cell phone, Laundrie said he was phoneless and feared he would be without the means to communicate.


A spit Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito show Laundrie how to use two cell phonesPhoto credit: Moab Police Department
A park ranger asked Brian to get Gabby's cell phone, and he can be seen giving one that he apparently pulled from the passenger seat of the van


A park ranger asked Brian to get Gabby’s cell phone, and he can be seen giving one that he apparently pulled from the passenger seat of the vanPhoto credit: Moab Police Department

“I was holding the keys because I didn’t want to go anywhere and my big fear is that I won’t have my phone,” he said during interacting with police and park attendants following the couples’ physical feud on August 12th.

“Not really me – I don’t have a phone.

“So if she goes away without me [sic]”I’m alone,” the 23-year-old told the officials.


The footage, captured 13 days before Gabby was last seen alive, shows a Van Life YouTuber sobbing at the police station after the couple drove the transit bus into the curb during a fight.

When Gabby, 22, was sitting in one of the cop’s SUV units, one of the officers pointed out the cut on her left cheek and red wounds on her left arm, Gabby looked at himself and said, “I don’t know.”

The couple attracted government prosecution after they were seen getting physical at the Moonflower Cafe.

“You spoke aggressively [at] each other [and] something definitely seemed wrong, “wrote one of two witnesses in the statement to police.

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“At some point they argued over a phone – I think the man took the woman’s phone.

“It seemed he didn’t want her in the white van.”

Authorities quickly caught up with the Couples van, which was driving too fast and crashed abruptly into a curb.

Police interviewed Brian outside the van.

About 42 minutes after the cop’s bodycam footage, in which both Brian and Gabby are interviewed separately, Brian is asked to show Gabby’s phone.

Then he is escorted a few steps by one of the park attendants to get Gabby’s cell phone out of the passenger door of the white van.

The ranger appears to take the phone to Gabby.

Moments later she announces: “She has her cell phone. She calls her parents. “

This device rested on Gabby’s lap while she was sitting in the back of a police SUV during further interrogation.


In the meantime, Brian is seen putting what appears to be a different phone in his pocket, first reported by WFLA.

About 55 minutes after the hour-long recording, Brian can be seen pulling a phone out of his pocket.

It is unclear whether any of the phones Brian used during his conversations with the officers came from him.

Authorities decided not to bring charges of domestic violence against Gabby (who they suspected was the attacker) or Brian.

Instead, they made her promise to part for the night; Brian gets a motel room and Gabby takes the van.

When asked if she had something to say to Brian before they split up, she said, “Make sure he doesn’t forget a phone charger.”


Ten days before his disappearance, Brian bought a new cell phone from a local AT&T store in North Port, Florida.

Laundrie family attorney Steve Bertolino confirmed the phone was in the FBI’s possession.

Gabby’s last interaction with her mother Nicole Schmidt included receiving one weird final text before the communication ended.

In the text message sent to her parents on August 27, the vlogger wrote: “Can you help Stan, I only get his voicemails and missed calls.”

Some speculate that the text was code and alluded to Eminem’s son Stan and that Gabby was yelling for help.

Bertolino insists that the phone wasn’t a burner phone, but that Brian used an account with AT&T for the new device, according to WFLA.


The couple were on their planned four-month cross-country road trip through US national parks for about two months before Gabby disappeared sometime around August 27th.

The young woman’s death was considered a homicide.

The speed suggests that there are likely “visible signs of trauma related to an attack,” Jennifer Shen, retired San Diego Police Department chief crime lab director, told The Sun.

The investigation into Gabby’s murder is ongoing and the official cause of death has not yet been disclosed.


The police footage was released during an ongoing desperate search for Brian, who disappeared from his parents. Florida Days home after returning from cross-country skiing vacation without her on September 1st.

Gabby, who has been touring the country with Brian in her RV since July 2, was last known for visiting Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming on August 25.

She was officially reported missing by her mother on September 11, two weeks after she last called her daughter and ten days after Brian returned to Florida in Gabby’s van without her.

He failed to alert the police or Gabby’s family that she was missing.

Brian then reportedly disappeared on September 14, five days before Gabby’s remains were discovered at Spread Creek Dispersed Campground in Grand Teton National Park.

Since then, a manhunt has taken place in which Brian is identified as the “person of interest” in the Gabby murder. He has been missing for more than two weeks and is wanted on an arrest warrant for alleged bank fraud after charging a $ 1,000 unauthorized debit card that allegedly belonged to Gabby.

Gabby Petito timeline

Gabby Petito, 22, was last seen leaving a Utah hotel on August 24th. Here is a timeline of Gabby Petito’s disappearance:

  • June 2021 – Gabby Petito and her fiancé Brian Laundrie embark on a journey across the United States.
  • 4th of July – Gabby posts photos of herself barefoot in Gove County, Kansas.
  • 8th of July – Gabby posts photos of herself in Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park.
  • July 18th – Gabby and Brian post photos of themselves in Zion National Park, Utah.
  • 12. August Body camera footage released in September showing Brian and Gabby encountering police in Utah. The police confirmed that no significant injuries were reported.
  • August 19th – Gabby and Brian post a video on their YouTube channel documenting their journey.
  • August 24th – Gabby is seen leaving a hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • August 25th – Gabby facetimes her mother, Nichole Schmidt, for the last time. In a later police report, Schmidt said her conversations with her daughter had “increased tension” between her and Brian.
  • August 25 – Gabby also posts her last Instagram. No location is given.
  • August 27th – Gabby is seen for the last time. Witnesses claim saw Brian engaged in an explosive argument with staff at a Jackson Hole restaurant that brought Gabby into tears.
  • August 27th – Four hours later, travel bloggers driving through Grand Teton National Park drive past the couple’s van “abandoned” on a dirt road.
  • September 1 – Brian returns to Florida without Gabby.
  • September 11 – Gabby’s parents report her missing to the Suffolk County Police Department.
  • September 14th – Brian’s family issue a statement that he has hired a lawyer and will not work with investigators.
  • September 14th – Brian is said to be last seen by his family. He reportedly told them he was hiking at the Cartlon Reserve but did not return.
  • September 15th – North Port Florida Police say Brian is a person of interest on the case. He is not charged with any crime.
  • 16th September – Utah police released body camera footage of police encounter with Brian and Gabby.
  • 17th of September – Brian’s parents say they haven’t seen their son in a few days and report him missing.
  • September 18 – The police announce that they are searching the Carlton Reservation in Florida for Brian. The police say they haven’t found anything.
  • September 19th – Wyoming authorities say they found a body in Grand Teton National Park. The FBI announces that the body is Gabbys, but full forensic identification must first be performed to confirm this.
  • September 20th – Police are executing a search warrant on Laundrie’s home and confiscating his silver Mustang and a hard drive that may contain “evidence of a crime”.
  • 21st September – Officials say they will perform an autopsy on the remains found in Wyoming to confirm whether or not they belong to Gabby. The police also resumed their search for Laundrie, this time on the Venetian side of the Carlton reservation.
  • 21st September – The FBI announced that the body found in Wyoming has been identified as Gabby’s. The cause of death has not yet been disclosed.
  • 21st September – The Teton County Coroner’s office said Gabby’s official cause of death was still pending, but the original death was murder.
  • September 22 – Police continue to search the Carlton Reservation for a lead on Laundrie but provide no clues. A specialized diving team is called in to assist the hunt.
  • September 23rd – Officials announced that a federal arrest warrant had been issued against Brian.
  • September 26th – Gabby’s funeral took place on Long Island, New York.
Brian pulled a phone out of his pocket, despite initially telling officers that he didn't have a phone


Brian pulled a phone out of his pocket, despite initially telling officers that he didn’t have a phonePhoto credit: Moab Police Department
Gabby used her phone to contact her parents and it was discovered on her lap during the bodycam footage


Gabby used her phone to contact her parents and it was discovered on her lap during the bodycam footagePhoto credit: Moab Police Department

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