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The Lewis Cass boys basketball team brings back a lot of height for a high school basketball team.

The Kings starting line-up consists of 6-foot-6 junior Tyson Good, 6-5 junior Luke Chambers, 6-4 college student LJ Hillis, 6-4 senior Robert Fitch and 6-1 senior Tristin Miller, who is a strong player is in the mail.

“It’s definitely the greatest team I’ve ever coached,” said third-year Cass coach Kyle Johnson. “I’ve watched Cass go through some big boys there for many years and it’s kind of exciting. Some of these big guys that we have now are very watch minded and have a bit of size and strength. But it’s like every coach works on it, we have to take care of the little things, the little things will take care of the big things. “

The Kings return their top two scorers from last year’s team as Good and Miller averaged over 12 ppg last season.

From the bench come 6-6 junior Keaton Lewellen, 6-3 runner-up Cooper Frey, 5-10 junior Haden McClain and 6-0 runner-up Owen Lowe.

The Kings graduated from six seniors, including starting point guardian and defensive ace Tyson Johnson, who now plays at Real Salt Lake, a year-long postgraduate school in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Fitch takes on the role of the starting point guardian. Chambers started every game last year as a sophomore year.

Coach Johnson plans to continue playing his preferred line of defense but could mingle in one zone this year as well.

“Maybe we can confuse it a little with our size. But our base is our man and we just have to try to find several children who are ready to guard their garden and take care of their defensive duties, ”he said. “We had a big loss with Tyson Johnson who was a really good defender. I’m just looking to see if we can have a team effort together. I was pretty excited about our progress from giving up my first year at 58 ppg to giving up my final year at 48 ppg. I want it to be in this area or less and of course like with any team that we want to score. “

Johnson is looking for his team for the Hoosier Conference and the Section Championships. The section will take place this year at his former school, Winamac. Rochester is the reigning Section Champion. The Kings will also try to win back the Logansport Savings Bank Invitational championship. You travel to Caston on Wednesday December 1st. The consolation and finals will take place at the Berry Bowl on December 3rd.

Johnson left Cass 13-10 in his first season and 13-12 last season as the Kings added some tough opponents following COVID-related cancellations. Johnson said it was nice to have a full summer with his team this year and that they are ahead of last year at this time.

The Kings travel to Carroll tonight before promoting Southwood to their home opener on Saturday. The Cougars defeated the Kings in last year’s opener with 46-37.

Carroll had an 18-game winning streak with a school record, won part of the Hoosier Heartland Conference title, and had a final 21-4 record last season. The Cougars also return their two top scorers, Owen Duff (16.8 ppg) and Jake Skinner (12.5 ppg).

“It’s a great start to the year,” said Johnson. “You have a team that won 21 games last year. They bring back two high profile juniors who were very good players in their sophomore year. In the end, they lost in Rossville with a last-second-3 [in a sectional final]. They are very experienced, they are very excited. I know they feel they are having a successful year and we hope to do the same. It’s a great start to the season. It’s going to be a great atmosphere at Carroll. “

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