Bank location in Findlay could become a McDonald’s

A property owner wants to build a McDonald’s in place of Fifth Third Bank at the northwest corner of South Main Street and Sixth Street/Lake Cascades Parkway in Findlay.

For the plan to work, they would have to convert a house on West McPherson Avenue behind the bank into commercial areas and also have an alleyway cleared.

Findlay’s Town Planning Commission will vote on the application for rezoning and leave the lanes at its October 13 meeting and will make a recommendation to City Council, which will ultimately make the decision.

If the rezoning and lane leave are approved, the property owner would then return to the Planning Commission with the site plan for the restaurant.

A draft of the site plan submitted with the rezoning application shows three entrances to McDonalds; one on South Main Street, one on McPherson Avenue, and one on Lake Cascades Parkway.

Findlay’s Town Planning Commission will vote on the proposal to rezoning and eliminating the lanes at its October 13 meeting at 9am in the town council chambers.

The session is public.

In February, the Planning Commission rejected Kroger’s request to add fuel pumps at its Sixth Street location, citing traffic concerns and pedestrian safety, among other things.

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