As a community mourns Gabby Petito, more details about her final days are revealed

The couple visited national parks in the west before Petito went missing – and although she never lived in Utah, her love for the outdoors and her time there connects her with the community, said vigil organizer Serena Chavez.

“We will not forget you. We won’t let your light be dimmed, ”Chavez said in front of the group. “We will remember other missing women or children. Their families are devastated and I can only imagine what Gabby’s family is going through.”

Petito’s remains were found Sunday in an undeveloped campsite in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming. She was first reported missing by her family on September 11, after her fiancé Brian Laundrie returned to Florida on September 1 from a road trip without her.

Authorities have searched a Florida wildlife sanctuary for Laundrie. And after her death was classified as murder on Tuesday, the FBI reached out to the public for help in finding him.

Before moving to Florida, Petito was a hostess at Smoke on the Water in Wilmington, North Carolina, where staff say she made everyone feel loved, according to CNN subsidiary WWAY.

“It is not just a name. It is not just a case. It was a person and it was something very special for many people and many of us here,” said General Manager Lara Witschen to WWAY. “She was a good soul, a good spirit and has touched so many lives. We want her to be remembered for this.”

Witness says she saw a “riot” in which the couple was involved

Petito’s story has become a national obsession for many, leading digital detectives to search the couple’s online trail in an attempt to solve the case. History has also highlighted the tens of thousands of missing persons stories that don’t generate as much interest; According to the National Crime Information Center, there were nearly 90,000 active missing person cases as of the end of 2020.

And it has resulted in members of the public coming up with reports on Petitos for the past few days.

On Wednesday, Nina Angelo told CNN that she and her boyfriend Matt England saw a “riot” when the couple walked out of the Merry Piglets Tex-Mex restaurant in Jackson, Wyoming.

Angelo said Petito burst into tears and Laundrie was visibly upset, went to and from the restaurant several times and showed his anger towards the staff at the hostess booth. The couple’s waitress was also visibly shaken by the incident, according to Angelo, who told CNN that she had not seen any violence or physical altercation between Petito and Laundrie.

A manager at The Merry Piglets who refused to give her name told CNN that she saw “an incident” at the restaurant on August 27 and called the FBI on Wednesday. The manager declined to describe what happened and said the restaurant had no surveillance video of the incident.

Separately, Jessica Schultz told the San Francisco Chronicle that she saw Laundrie parked in a white van in Grand Teton National Park on August 26 and no one appeared to be with him.

And in a series of videos on TikTok, Miranda Baker said she and her boyfriend Laundrie posted on 29 posts.

Baker said they picked up Laundrie while he was hitchhiking in Colter Bay, Wyoming, not far from Petito’s remains. He offered to pay $ 200 for the ride before he even got in the car, she said.

The search for laundry continues.

Investigators, meanwhile, are focused on finding Laundrie, who arrived at his parents’ home in North Port, Florida three weeks ago and has not spoken to the police about the case.

His family told police that he left home with his backpack on Tuesday and told them he was going to the nearby Carlton reservation.

Authorities have combed the reservation for the past few days and the search will continue Thursday, according to Josh Taylor, communications manager for the North Port Police Department.

A team of about 10 divers from the Sarasota County Sheriff‘s Office are participating in the search, according to Kaitlyn Perez, spokeswoman for the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s Underwater Recovery Force (SURF) team is highly specialized, Perez said.

The search for Gabby Petito's fiancé Brian Laundrie continues this week.  That's why it was so difficult to find him

“In the state of Florida, we have truly unique bodies of water, from swamps to beaches to lakes and everything in between.”

“These divers are specially trained and very talented in limited visibility waters,” she said. “You’re diving where you and I can’t see anything. You use technology and other special equipment to go deep into really deep waters.”

Commander Joe Fussell of the North Port Police Department said they “put in a lot of resources and we try to cover every morning on this reservation.”

911 call of a domestic dispute

Florida police recently said on an affidavit through a search warrant that Petito’s mother received a strange text message on Aug. 27 and that this was the last message from her.

Petito, who recorded the couple’s journey through national parks, also stopped posting on social media around the time.

What women see when they look at Gabby Petito

Throughout the trip, the couple had regularly posted online about their travels using the hashtag #VanLife, but those posts stopped abruptly in late August.

Evidence from an emergency call over a “household fight” between Petito and Laundrie shows that the couple’s volatile relationship wasn’t as ambitious as their sun-drenched Instagram and YouTube lives suggested.

A man who had seen Petito and Laundrie’s domestic argument in Utah last month said, “They talked aggressively and something seemed wrong.”

In a handwritten affidavit, the witness named Chris – whose last name was blacked out on the document the Moab police sent to CNN – said the two appeared to be arguing over control of Petito’s phone. “At one point she slapped him in the arm and / or face and tried to get into the van.”

The witness said he heard Petito say, “Why do you have to be so mean?” although Chris added that he couldn’t be sure the comment should be taken seriously. Moab City Police responded to the incident and the couple agreed to spend the night separately.

The city of Moab, Utah, is investigating Moab City police’s handling of a possible domestic dispute, a city statement said.

CNN’s Randi Kaye and Kari Pricher, Leyla Santiago and Rebekah Riess, Amanda Watts and Joe Sutton contributed to this report.

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