Are there any plans for the Old Forked River Buffet in Lacey Township?

Recently, while traveling through Forked River, I noticed the former site of the old Forked River Buffet, but it was cleared and fenced off. I am seeing that right now? Funny how sometimes you just don’t notice things. The former Forked River Buffet had been closed for some time, but has now been demolished and cleared.

At one point the old Forked River buffet was very popular, but over time it seemed to fade and eventually it got dark and never opened again.

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The question now arises as to what is next for the site of the former Forked River Buffet. Is there already a plan or is it just waiting for someone to come and set up a new business in this location?

This location is obviously on a very busy section of Route 9 and has lots of traffic and potential customers. Since the previous eatery was discontinued, you have to wonder if a future business should be a restaurant? Though a different style with a new building might make a difference.

To recap … what now that the former Forked River Buffet site has been cleared, what is the plan? Is there already a plan for this location? Is the future of this site still up in the air? What do you think is needed in this section of the Forked River? What would YOU put in this place? Let’s go over some ideas and see what the people here in Ocean County think.

Post your ideas below, we’re always happy to see what you have to say.

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